Wearable Artificial Kidney finally gets FDA approval for US trials

Wearable Artificial Kidney was a concept introduced back in 2009, this medical gadget hopes to transform the lives of millions of patients suffering from kidney disorders. The miniature, battery-powered dialysis machine gets the green light for human testing in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration with the first human clinical traits scheduled […]


Shellshock: Bash bug that proves to be more dangerous than Heartbleed

Security researchers have discovered vulnerability in the Bash shell which happens to be a widely installed command interpreter used by many Linux and Unix operating systems – including Apple’s OS X.  The Shell is a piece of code that translates your commands into something the computer’s OS can understand. Shellshock leaves websites and devices powered […]


Discover the offline T-Rex game on Google chrome’s latest version

Google has added a cute, secret game into Chrome Canary – the latest version of Google’s browser meant for early adopters and developers. You can actually play the game only when the browser detects you’re offline. The brave hero in this game is a T-Rex dinosaur. The T-Rex character shows up when browser can’t connect […]


Murata unveils robotic Cheerleaders on rolling metal balls

Murata Manufacturing Co. unveiled a group of swarm robots Thursday that use the latest sensing and communication technologies, as well as advanced group control technology to achieve perfect balance and flawless synchronized dancing. Unlike the bicycling Murata Boy and uni-cycling Murata Girl who moves on wheels, Murata Cheerleader gets around on a metal ball and […]

Nissan Sparky

Meet Sparky, an awesome combination of Nissan’s Leaf and Frontier

Engineers at Nissan chopped off the back half of a Leaf electric car and bolted the bed from a Nissan Frontier pickup truck to reach at Sparky. It wasn’t an easy job, since the truck bed had to be resized to fit into the Leaf’s frame. The Sparky as the engineers at Nissan call, it […]