https secure

Google plans to alert web users of insecure Non-HTTPS sites

Google is planning to warn web users about potential security risks involved while visiting websites that have not adopted the secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) system. According to a discussion page from Google Chrome engineers moots the change, saying that it could arrive in 2015 and act as a warning flag against sites not adopting […]


Block all those annoying game requests on Facebook

Well, we couldn’t agree more on how popular the games on Facebook are. However, most of us don’t like getting requests from our friends to try some lame game. So, if you are bugged by all those game requests on Facebook, there are a few ways by which you can block them. Let’s figure out […]


GizmoPal by LG – Now keep track of your kid

Being a parent is really a tough job. You always think about your kid at work and at home. Sometimes, when your child finishes school, you keep wondering where they are. Sadly, you can’t reach them just because they don’t have a cell phone. Well, you don’t need to worry about that anymore! LG has […]

Google now nest thermostat

Google Now lets you control Nest Thermostat with voice commands

There’s some good news for Nest thermostat users that are having Android or iOS smartphones. Nest is now integrated with Google Now that makes it easy for you to control the wireless thermostat with just your voice. That means anyone who owns the thermostat will able to tweak the temperature by saying it out loud […]