shoes with power lace

Meet the Auto-lacing iconic shoes

Back in 2011, Nike brought an exact replica of the Air Mag shoes worn by Marty McFly in the movie “Back to the future” to reality. But there was one disappointment with the fashionably – lit footwear, it lacked the iconic power laces. Well, now Nike is sure enough that it will unveil the laces in 2015. […]

Hi-Tech Harness-dog-communication

Hi-tech Harness helps you know your dog better

Looking for a gadget that helps you better understand your canine companion? Well, Researchers at North Carolina State University have designed a new hi-tech harness that aids in better communication between dogs and its owners or trainers. The sensor-packed device detects animal’s behavior, and the sounds it makes, letting the owner know their feelings. Researchers say the […]

Nextage robot

Meet Nextage robot that brews you a favorite cup of coffee

Humanoid robots have simplified our daily lives and are finding their applications in all fields. Here’s a new robot that changes the future of your morning routine. Kawada industries, a Tokyo-based robot maker has developed a robot dubbed Nextage that can actually brew your favorite cup of coffee. The robot was exhibited at the Japan Robot […]


Venus: Bucket-mounted portable washing machine to go on sale in April 2015

The washing machine is a must-have house-old appliance in urban areas of India but at the same time there are budget-minded families who cannot think of owning one. This is the area that Mumbai-based Indian company Vimbas Navrachna’s Venus is attempting to target. Venus is a bucket-mounted mini portable washing machine that will be priced […]

Google Hangouts calls

Make your first minute international call free from Google Hangouts

Google recently announced that the one minute international voice calling to phone numbers in twenty-five different countries is now free on Google Hangouts.  But there is a lot more you need to understand beyond the free offer. The new feature will let you make only the first minute of the international call for free. Earlier, […]


Auto-inspired Colani MP3 Dock for Apple devices

Designer Andrew Mclntyre crafted an MP3 dock, Colani- Apple Dock, intended for Apple products which seems to be a sports car accessory with its awesome red color, fine aerodynamics, elongation and an organic, futuristic form. The inspiration for the design is drawn from famous car designer Luigi Colani. After a thorough technical research, the MP3 […]