Robot Furniture

Robot Furniture that Configures itself on Demand

Imagine that a table could change itself into a chair on demand as the day moved from light to dark. Or if all your furniture could change shape and create a static structure like a wall when you don’t want them anymore. These are the things that researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology […]

Seattle Design

Vote for your Favorite Super-Commuter Bike

Oregon Manifest unveils the collaborative bicycle designs from five cities- New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, and of course Portland. Oregon Manifest’s goal is to create a super commuter bike that would get people excited about cycling. As of July 25th, the public is invited to Vote on their favorite one, which may be […]

White House Robot

Quin’s RC Smart White House Robot

This remote controlled, Arduino-based robot was crafted by a kid named Quin. Quin’s passion is to teach electronics at hackerspaces Qtechknow Labs. It is an adaptation of this awesome, fast, fully autonomous mini Roomba that has since driven its way into the Presidential building during the 1st ever White House Maker Faire. The super fast, little device uses a […]

Great Calendar apps for your iPhone

Great Calendar apps for your iPhone

A great calendar app keeps your meetings and events organized and up to date. While the iOS’s default calendar application is clean and functional, each user has their own specific requirement and this is not the right app for everyone. There are several reliable third-party calendar apps that can be downloaded from the App store […]

Easy Ways to Better Blogging

4 Easy Ways to Better Blogging

Blogging has become so trendy because it provides a platform for online communication. Through blogs, people pass information and others get to learn about new things. Blogs have come up to serve different purposes. Some people use them for marketing, others just pass information and others just need a social platform to interact. Regardless of […]