Firefox’s new Search Interface is more flexible and powerful than ever

Just one week after announcing it would officially switch from Google to Yahoo as its default search engine, starting next month, Mozilla has now revamped the upcoming search interface on its Firefox browser. It was too much of hassle to toggle search engines somewhere in the settings, but Firefox now puts it front and center. […]

Hot Candy Heater 2

Hot Candy Heater – Little 38 gram heater burn on alcohol

Hot Candy Heater (HCH) is a 38 gram heater that is used on the top of a alcohol burner. The idea is to equip travelers, trekkers, and hikers with a compact heating tool when going into cold weathers. Well, ignore it if you don’t carry drinks while trekking. The HCH is handmade and its sale […]


Dandy Horse is refined for Adult use

The Dandy Horse was the first means of transport that used the concept of a human-powered vehicle. Karl-Freidrich Drais invented the Dandy Horse in the mid-nineteenth century. The older version of dandy horse was unfit for adults. As a result, Noir Vif studio founders Andre Fontes and Guillaume Lehoux brought some modifications to the earlier […]


Ocean Spiral: World’s first underwater city allows people to live comfortably

Japanese construction company Shimizu Corporation in collaboration with the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and technology and Tokyo University, has unveiled blue prints for an underwater city, a Atlantis-like metropolis. The world’s first underwater city dubbed the “Ocean Spiral” is divided into three sections: First a city contained in a, 1,600-feet-wide floating globe that could […]


Dropbox Mobile app finally integrated with Microsoft Office

Dropbox’s Microsoft integration has been activated on iPhone and Android devices. Earlier this month, Dropbox teamed up with Microsoft to allow users to edit Office docs from directly inside their Dropbox. The latest update of the Dropbox app for iOS and Android lets you open documents, spreadsheets or presentations when you’re on the go by […]

wireless karaoke cum speakers

Singing Machine – Elegantly designed karaoke cum wireless speakers

Renting a karaoke for parties is usual, but rarely people find it worth a buy. That doesn’t make sense as it’ll come out from closet on parties to go into sort of hibernation until next time. Singing Machine, a project made for Pearl Studios, is one modern karaoke device cum wireless speakers, equipped with wireless […]


Nanodot-based sponge battery juices up your smartphone in 30 seconds

Waiting for your phone to get charged on the go can be just as frustrating as watching your battery frequently die at the wrong time. In this fast-paced world people welcome any technology that allows them to do things faster and more efficiently. An Israeli company StoreDot says it has developed a battery pack that […]