Microsoft announces Windows 10: Here are the highlights

Microsoft finally announced the next version of its flagship operating system – Windows 10. The name doesn’t definitely match with expectations. But Microsoft claims it represents such a significant leap over Windows 8 that calling it Windows 9 would do no justice to it. Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s head of operating systems said the latest software […]

iOS 8 updates

Apple currently working on three major iOS 8 updates for 2015

Apple has been busy with several iOS 8 issues in the short run with iPhone and iPad owners still demanding for various bug fixes for the new mobile operating system. Instead of its usual approach of rolling out one update at a time, the Cupertino Company is said to be simultaneously working on all three […]


Meet Nixie, the first flying camera that fits on your wrist

Nixie is the first wrist-mounted flying concept camera that is capable of capturing unique photos and videos. Intel is hosting an event to encourage new wearable technology ideas, and Nixie is one of the finalists. So far it’s still in early days, so Nixie is around the edges. When you’re ready for your close-up, the […]


CloudFlare introduces free Universal SSL to all its existing customers

In the wake of Snowden leaks and the Web hacks that seem to occur on a daily basis, more and more websites are looking to enable Secure Socket Layer encryption to protect their visitors from hackers. San-Francisco-based web infrastructure company CloudFlare is rolling out a new service, dubbed Universal SSL, which offer free encrypted connections […]


HP introduces two ARM-based servers into its Moonshot family

Computing giant Hewlett-Packard on Monday announced that it will be adding two ARM-based servers to its Project Moonshot lineup of servers. Most of HP servers are still powered by Intel chips. HP sells more servers than anyone in the world, and this is the first time in the recent years that businesses and organizations buying […]