Google now nest thermostat

Google Now lets you control Nest Thermostat with voice commands

There’s some good news for Nest thermostat users that are having Android or iOS smartphones. Nest is now integrated with Google Now that makes it easy for you to control the wireless thermostat with just your voice. That means anyone who owns the thermostat will able to tweak the temperature by saying it out loud […]


Wireless MIDI music keyboard Miselu C.24 from SoftBank

An American startup, Miselu , has manufactured a new wireless MIDI music Keyboard C.24, which is due to be released around January 2015. However, SoftBank will be starting the sale of exclusive 500 units from December 16. The keyboard has enough feel of a realistic thing. The keyboard requires installation of free application “Miselu KEY” […]

Amazon  Surprise!  App

Amazon Surprise! app adds fun to your holiday shopping

Looking for last-minute gifts, consider Amazon Surprise! It takes all the hassles of finding gifts, packing them and delivering them to your friends and family members. Amazon has just rolled out a new app for iOS and Android devices called Surprise!. It allows you to send cute e-cards and Amazon Gift Card to contacts in […]

Seagate Shingled Hard Drive

Segate’s 8TB shingled drives meant for cold data storage

Seagate, popular for manufacturing hard drives, is now ready to ship its latest product called Shingled Magnetic Recording Drives. The drives use a new recording technology which lets you cram more tracks onto the same number of physical platters, but at the cost of performance. The 3.5 inch drive can now store 8 terabytes of […]

Spidey sense

Spidey Sense: A new sensor sensitive to speech and heartbeats

Korean researchers have mimicked the design of a spider organ called the slit sensilla and developed a new sensor that is flexible, tiny and sensitive enough to detect human speech and even heartbeats. The slit sensilla are parallel slits situated near the joints of a spider’s legs and can detect even the tiniest vibrations. The […]