best Google Drive add-ons

The 10 Google Drive add-ons you must-have

This past March, Google launched add-ons for two of the Google Drive apps, Google Docs and Google Sheets service. Some of them are developed but Google, while the others are created by third party developers. These add-ons will help you increase your productivity or do more within your docs like translating text, signing faxes, creating […]


The 10 Most Profitable Software Companies in the World

Software is the most profitable industry in the economy. But sometimes we don’t have a clear picture of just HOW profitable. Although software companies are working hard to stand out from their competitors, and adjust to latest technologies, the market is still experiencing growth. The software companies are in the midst of significant change. Cloud […]

Apple-Samsung-logo-funny ss

How The Samsung Logo Was Born [Image]

The heated counter fire between Apple and Samsung over paten right issues doesn’t seems to end soon.The two top bars are in a neck to neck fight, we here present you with the evolution genesis of Samsung.All of a sudden one day someone cut of fed apples peal and see what we know today Samsung […]

Eight Up-and-Coming Tech Hubs in the U.S.

Eight Up-and-Coming Tech Hubs in the U.S. [Infographic]

Tech sector giants like Silicon Valley and San Francisco aren’t the only places for start-ups these days. Small cities in southern states are quickly becoming the prefered areas for tech startups as bustling cities fall out of fashion. Business owners and their startups are opting for a smaller scale, more mom-and-pop style beginning to their […]