Nissan GT-R

Incredible Apocalyptic Machines from Khyzyl Saleem’s fantasy world

Khyzyl Saleem is a 21-year-old digital artist and he loves supercars. While playing in Photoshop, he created some futuristic scenes with some popular cars in it. Autoevolution posted some of his works, calling them Apocalyptic Machines. This Apocalyptic fleet includes Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and McLarens. These are the results of the fit of fantasy, so it’s […]


Here’s How to check out everything Google knows about you

Although Google is focusing on interesting new topics such as robotics, health and many others, most of its revenue is generated from advertising. The company displays tons of ads on its many online properties, including Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps and more. But in order to increase its revenue, it grants you free access to all […]


3D printed Robots adapt themselves to different kinds of terrain

Researchers from the University of Oslo have designed self-instructing robots on 3D-printers, capable of adapting to unforeseen obstacles. In future robots are supposed to operate in hazardous areas such as in deep mines, distant planets, radioactive sites, dangerous landslip areas and on the sea bed beneath the Antartic. These places are too extreme for human […]


WhatsApp adds encryption features to billions of text messages

Good news for WhatsApp users. Facebook-owned WhatsApp, the most popular messaging platform has added end-to-end encryption feature to billions of messages sent by its half-billion users every day, making it nearly impossible for anyone to read users’ messages. The strong encryption here means that even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg himself can’t spy on your communications, […]

Algorithm magic

Researchers teach computer program to create its own magic tricks

Can a computer perform a clever magic trick or help you become a professional magician? Well, yes! Scientists at Queen Mary University in London have designed a computer program that can create magic tricks all on its own. From this, the intelligent system created new and superior variants that can be performed by magicians. Peter […]