10 Applications to make Free Conference Calls

Nowadays every business no matter how big or small feels the need for people to interact with each other across geographical borders. This has become a necessity for most businesses and the good news is that there are many options that are available. You can conduct an online conference call for using certain software and applications.

Here is a list of some Applications to make  Free Conference Calls:

Skype: Is a very a well known and much used software. Using this you can make free calls to any part of the world. Skype is basically a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) that allows you to download the software and request others to join. You also have unlimited calling plans at very low costs at very low rates from Skype that can be used to call phones across the globe. You can add as many as 10 people for a video conference, making Skype a definite hit.

GoToMeeting: This is a tool that enables you to meet virtually rather than physically in a room. You can conduct unlimited meetings with no hidden expenses. This facility includes the means for VOIP and conferencing over phone. A free trial version can be used up to a month with as many as 15 people attending.

Free conference calling: You can host conference service  for about 500 people per call and the duration can last as long as 6 hours. You can also avail the service of free recording of you call on MP3 for later use.

Tokbox: This makes video conferencing for a bigger group much easier. You can conference with 20 – 25 people with no fuss.

Paltalk: You can make video calls free to friends. People with free accounts can use webcam for a limited time.

MegaMeeting: You can use this for video  and web conferences via their software which means a good saving on your marketing budget with regards to travel. You can avail this free for a month during trial period.

Fuze Meeting: It has online meetings and facility to upload the content that you require for a meeting. The video tool is good and offers HD option. You can even download and send video if required.

Free Audio Conferencing: This service offers conference calls for free and also has toll free conference facility for the participants at low rates. Registering for this service is really easy.

Easy Conference: This is one of the biggest services across the world.

Totally Free Conference: Great for conferencing where you need recording of the proceedings. You can use the free trial and all participants can listen and see your presentation right from their place. Makes for smart and economic conferencing services that you can use for your business.