10 Appropriate Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

Previously, we’ve defined and explained a bounty of articles for the convenience of web designers and developers. Today we’re also coming up with definitely useful article for them. As we know, Google chrome achieves the top-most position in the category of web browsers just because of simple and intuitive interface. And hence, this application is mostly preferable by everyone.

If you’re also innovative and creative web designer and using Google chrome as your default web browser, then you must have some chrome extensions which helps you to reduce your work and modify the quality of work. In order to search such kind of application, you don’t need to investigate a lot. Because we’re presenting the set of 15 Appropriate Chrome Extensions for Web Designers. Undoubtedly, these extensions provide an awesome quality to your work and also allow you to complete your work rapidly.

We have selected each extension of provided collection after consulting experienced and talented web designers. And hence, these extensions provide a plenty of help for professional web designers.

Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Anno

Chrome Extentions for Developers (1)

This awesome application allows the users to take the screenshot of the entire page and any selected portion as well. And in order to annotate any point, you can insert various figures like rectangles, lines, ant text, arrows etc. And to focus on selected part, you can blur the remaining part with this application. And mainly, you can use all of its features just by one click.

Window Resizer

Chrome Extentions for Developers (2)

In order to imitate different modes of screen resolution, you can resize your window yourself. And this application provides very intuitive interface for its users.

ColorPicker 0.9

Chrome Extentions for Developers (3)

ColorPicker is very amazing application and useful as well. With this application, you can pick the color from the currently open web page and it also allows you to change color of anything in DOM.

Pixlr Express

Chrome Extentions for Developers (4)

Undoubtedly, Pixlr express is only one of its kind. In works as advanced and modified photo editing application. It provides a plethora of effects, creative borders and much more features. And with his app, you can do lots of other customizations.

Pixlr Editor

Chrome Extentions for Developers (5)

If you don’t want to download any photo editing tool and just want to use online, then Pixlr Editor is that application for which you’re looking.


Chrome Extentions for Developers (6)

With CSS-Shack, you can easily create Layers styles and much more. After the creation, you can import them to any CSS file.

Balsamiq Mockups

Chrome Extentions for Developers (7)

If you’re using Google Drive, then this extension offers you to edit documents, create new mockups, share your work, everything with-in the Google drive.


Chrome Extentions for Developers (8)

In order to create various Wireframes, Mockups and other Prototypes, then Moqups in counted among the top most HTML5 applications.

Palette for Chrome

Chrome Extentions for Developers (9)

If you want to make color palette for any picture, you can use this extension. And it’s very easy to use.

Web Developer

Chrome Extentions for Developers (10)

With the installation of this extension, it places a toolbar option on the web browser. With that button, you can use a plenty of web developer tools.

We hope you’ll love these set of extension. And these extensions must help you in your work. Share your views with us about this article. Enjoy Friends!!