10 Apps To Find And Recover Your Lost Android Phone

Due to the rapid growth in crime, it becomes very necessary to take proper care of your goodies. As Smartphones are significant things in our life so it’s better to have an anti-theft application to protect it to get stolen. In this article, you can get the information about 10 Apps To Find And Recover Your Lost Android Phone.

Where’s My Droid

Searching for any application which is able to track your lost Android device? Then, Where’s My Droid is most appropriate application according to your need. If you fail to find your Smartphone, just send a text code via sms and it starts ringing (whether it’s in silent mode or ringing) and on sending another code, you’ll able to check its GPS coordinate. It’s pro version is proving a lot of astounding features. You can download this outstanding application for free.

Plan B

If your Android device is stolen/lost and you hadn’t installed any tracking app, then PlanB is the perfect solution of this problem. With this application, you’ll be able to locate your Android device using GPS system via Lookout Labs. With this application, you’ll get proper details of the location of the device on your Gmail. And if there is any kind of problem with internet connection, it’ll also provide the entire details with text messages. It’s free-to-download application.

Android Lost Free

If anyone steals your Android device, then you can easily locate your device and ordeal the thief as well with this app. If Android Lost Free is installed on your device, you can activate the alarm anytime by SMS or internet. You can control all features including activating GPS, enable Wi-Fi, lock micro SD card, getting information about the recent calls and much more. You can enjoy the benefit of Android Lost Free for free.

SeekDroid Lite

SeekDroid is equipped with extraordinary features to locate the position of your Android Device. With this application, you can activate the ring alert by SMS, activate the GPS feature, information about the call logs and a plenty of astounding features.

The pro account allows you to track the location of your Smartphone with a help of a map. You also also use this app you keep your eyes on your children’s movement.


AntiDroidTheft is a normal application which protects your Android device to get stolen and it’s very centralized towards it’s main task. It provides all information about the location of the Smartphone via GPS system. You can also access to the data of the phone via internet. This application is free to download and use.


Cerberus is providing a set of astonishing features which helps you to get your stolen Smartphone back. The set of features includes tracking the location via GPS system, get access to the data of micro SD card, get a message during the SIM card change, activate the ringing alert via sms and much more.

With this app, you can also record the audio with the microphone of the Android Device. The free version allows you to enjoy this app for one week.

Prey Anti-Theft

If you are searching for an anti-theft application for your Android device with an easy-to-use interface, then it’s better to prefer Prey Anti-Theft instead of any other anti-theft application. If this app is installed on your device before stealing, then you can activate it by sending a text “GO PREY”. After this, you’ll get all the information about the location of the device. And it’s impossible to uninstall this application with entering the referred code.

Find My Phone

Find My Phone is considered as the most appropriate application which is providing the easiest user interface. It’ll help you to track your device via GPS system. Just sending a text message “findme” from any mobile, the GPS system will activate and starts sending notifications about the location of the device. And by sending another text message “ringloud”, it starts to ring (even in the silent mode).

McAfee Antivirus & Security

McAfee is the name which needs no introduction, it’s ranked as the best application in the category of security and protection application. It’s proving a combo package of  anti-theft protection feature, anti-virus feature, restoring data feature and data backup features. You can download it’s 7-day trial pack for free. And if you find it useful, then you can enjoy the outstanding benefits of this application for one year just by paying $30.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky is growing very rapidly as a mobile security application. In this application, it’s offering a set of security features such as anti-theft features (tracking location via GPS, enable Wi-Fi and Google maps, Lock the data and more), feature you block unwanted and unnecessary calls and text messages and you can also hide images, audios, videos from your family and friends. You can get this application just for $4.95.