10 Best Free Antivirus For Android

Now that everyone is using the Internet on their mobile devices and tablets the necessity for anti virus software for such devices is being felt. After all even your Android devices are vulnerable to such attacks.  Nowadays each person is doing everything on his or her phone and this involves not only social interaction but also heavy duty stuff like banking and other important work. Since the mobile has become your computer when you are on the move, then you need to think of protecting it the way you have been doing your computer.

But do not despair, help is here. People are now coming up with anti virus software that works on your mobile device. Here is a list of Anti virus software that will help you deal with such issues. The fact is that Malware, spyware and other such entities do tend to attack all devices.

Avg Antivirus: This is quite an ideal antivirus for Android as well as for personal computers. It offers many great features that include protection from Malware, a real time scanner, an assistant for backup, task killer among other things.

McAfee Antivirus: Offers complete and all inclusive security for the device you are using. This award winning antivirus has features like safer mobile browsing, anti theft, call protection and SMS along with call filter. This will also provide you with the facility to create a backup of your device that can be used later for restoring

Kaspersky Mobile Security: Offers protection from malware, spyware and adware. Has a ongoing protection mode that fights malicious programs, spam as well as unwanted calls and SMSs. You can also use its unique mode for privacy to control the access to communications and contacts.  It also has antitheft protection to disable and clean you phone and even locate it remotely.

Kaspersky Mobile Security
Eset Mobile Security:  Your Smartphone or tablet deserved to be protected against threats that are emerging. You can use this free for a month on free trial. The anti theft feature will help you find or at least block the phone.

Eset Mobile Security
Lookout Mobile scanner: It boasts of the best android antivirus features that keeps you mobile and tablets safe. You can use this application to run and scan for any type of virus and protect your device during you internet usage. It has also antitheft that can be used to locate or block a missing phone. The only thing that works against it is its consumption of battery power.

Lookout Mobile scanner
Avast Mobile Security: Offers the complete package form malicious entities that can harm your device. It has features that include blocking hackers, browsing without worries, anti theft features.  There is a web shield that scans any URL checking for malware.

Avast Mobile
Dr. Web Antivirus Light: This is especially put together to work on Android devices like tablets and mobiles to keep it safe from virus, malware and spyware. The application does not in any way have an effect on the performance of the operating system. It also does not reduce the life of the battery making ideal for such devices. It is great for the safety of your device when you are browsing. Plus it also has features like blocking calls, antitheft features, back up among myriad other features.

Dr. Web Antivirus Light
Zoner Antivirus: It is a very powerful solution for security and safety for android powered devices. You can use this application to protect your device against Trojans, Spyware, Worms, Viruses, Dialers, Malware and adware. You can also use this to protect yourself against spam like keeping away SMS or MMS that are unwanted.

Zoner Antivirus:
Quick Heal Mobile Security: Is great for protecting your mobile device against malware and also antitheft. Can also be used to keep away calls that are unwanted and has real time scanning for virus and spyware.

Quick Heal Mobile Security