10 Best iPhone Applications in 2013

In the era of technology and science, iPhone is considered as one of the dynamic creation. It provides us to experience the new face and fragrance of technology. As per records, iPhone achieves the top most position in most appreciable and preferable mobile device. Undoubtedly, the iOS applications are also the core reason behind the popularity of iPhone. If you’re having iPhone, then you must have the best iPhone application. Here we’re showcasing the set of 10 Best iPhone Applications in 2013. You should give it a look for once.

Temple Run 2

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In the busy and hectic schedule, everyone needs something to get refreshment for their mind. And undoubtedly, it’s very difficult to find anything better than video game for refreshing mind. After the popularity of Angry birds, Temple run acquires its position. And the developers release the second version of Temple Run after a plenty of interesting and creative modification. If you want to experience endless enjoyment of gaming, then you should try Temple Run 2 for once. Most importantly, you can enjoy this game for free.


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According to records, music is considered as top most selling feature in iOS. If you love to enjoy the new and exclusive releases songs and beats of your favorite music bands, then Pandora is the best application for you. This application allows you to remain updated in the field of music. You can simple enjoy the music of your favorite bands for free. If you’re a music lover, you’re going to love this application.

Zombie, Run!

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If you’re thinking about burning some extra calories of your body, then Zombie, Run will provide you a newer and more astounding way to do this. Just think, if you come to know that a plenty of dangerous Zombies are running after you, it’ll automatically obligate your legs to run. Basically, Zombie run provides audio adventure and enjoyment. All you’ve to do is to download this application, and mark the starting and ending point on Map. And after start running, a person will guide you where you’ve to go and where zombies are located.


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Do you want appropriate and complete information regarding temperature and weather? AccuWeather will fulfill your requirements. This application will allow you to get proper knowledge about the present weather and what the weather is going to be. Do you want your rain jacket within next few hours, this application will tell you. It’s also providing the feature of weather alerts and notification of hourly updates.

Google Maps

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Are you fond of traveling and visiting new places? Then, Google Map will act as your best friend during traveling. It’ll provide complete and explained information about the directions and distance regarding destination. If you’re using iOS then, Google Maps is must-have application for you. And you can experience the benefits of this application for free.

IMO Messenger

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For the iOS platform, IMO Messenger is the best instant messaging application to have. In this time, it’s very important to remain connected with your friends and relatives using various platforms like Facebook, Yahoo, Skype and much more. IMO allows you to remain connected with various clients like, Skype, Facebook chat, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, MSN and much more.

Tweetbot for Twitter

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No doubt, we can hardly find anyone who doesn’t use twitter. If you’re also a twitter lover then Tweetbot will please you mind for sure. This application is providing a set of interesting features like Push notification, dynamic gestures, various timelines and much more. In order to use this astounding application, you just need to pay $2.99.

Facebook Camera

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Do you love to click pictures? Then, the default camera application is not the best choice. In the era of social network, people usually love to share their work and many things with their friends in social network website. If you’re one of them then Facebook Camera is best application. Undoubtedly, this application is centralized towards Facebook but we all know that Facebook is considered as largest and most popular Social networking platform. This application allows you to click pictures, instantly editing and sharing on Facebook.


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In this digital era, we generally save our documents and media file in digital form in our computer. But it’s not possible to carry important data with us every-time. But Dropbox allows you to save your important documents, information, files, videos, pictures, audio file and much more in online storage space. And you’ll able to access your saved data whenever and wherever you want to.

PDF Expert

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Usually, if you’ve to work with PDF files, then you must have PDF Expert. This iOD application not only allows you to view PDF files but also provides the feature of editing, mark the spelling and grammatical mistakes and much more.