10 Best Plugins For WordPress to try in 2013

Here is  a list of plugins that you will really find handy when hosting a website or having a blog on WordPress.

 Drop Shadow Boxes: Would you not fancy a little smart CSS to make your site exciting?  Now use this Drop Shadow Boxes Plugin to wrap your content and have complete control of the effect. You can also use this to throw attention to the call of action

Signature Watermark: It allows you to overlay a digital watermark on the images on the site or blog. You can even do this without spoiling the look of the image. This way you can be sure no one will misuse the images you have gone to a great effort for.

Ditty News Ticker: This is plugin with multiple functions for data display. It allows you to have dynamic scrolling and also rotating bits of text that you embed in your site

Related Posts by Zemanta: This is a great related posts plugin that allows you to also include posts that are related from other sites. You also get data on analytics making it really useful.

WD Twitter Feed: This ensures that Tweets are loaded without interrupting the loading time of the remaining page. This comes as a great bit of news as social media plugins tend to be a great drain on the resources and increase the loading time of your website.

 RDFa Breadcrumb:  If you are an expert on SEO then you realize that optimizing the way your site appears in results of search engines has a significant impact and improve click through rates. RFA breadcrumb improves the way your site look by inserting navigational breadcrumbs on your site. It will help increase the visits to your site

Flare: This plugin comes with a smooth interface and has great options that will help in the arrangement of social sharing buttons for minimum disturbances.

Fancier Author Box:  This is a plugin that will provide you many things with regard to engaging the readers. It will allow you to put in a box at the bottom of the posts that will have a lot of information about the author. It would include a picture, a biography and links to social media for easy access and reading.

WP Social Stats: The importance of social media is on the rise as more and more people are turning to these sites for information about everything. It becomes vital that you should study and analyze the performance of your site on social sites. In fact equal credence should be given to this as we give to search engine traffic. You can do all that with this plugin. It will tell you simply about how many times each of the posts that you have posted has been shared on social media sites.

What The File: Is an easy and useful plugin that will add one more field to your WordPress toolbar. This will inform you about PHP file is being utilized to show the current page.  For anybody who is flummoxed by which PHP file is being used with what page on your website, you will find this plugin a relief. 10

Use all these plugins judiciously to add value to your WordPress site and you will find that life becomes easier and more informative. The fact is that WordPress is easy enough to use and with the addition of these plugins you will find that your site is more attractive, easy to manage and all kinds of information comes up right on your fingertips.