10 Best Steampunk computers

Steampunk gadgets always catch attention of everyone and for geek lovers Steampunk computers can simply be an apple of eye. Below we are listing out 10 such Steampunk computers you will be pleased with:

  • Steamputer

SteamputerThe emerald green simply stands out and it surely attracts the viewr’s attention.

  • Steampunk workshop

Steampunk workshopHere is an all-in-one PC that seems to have taken the time machine to get to the present.

  • Nagy Datamancer Dynamotronic Computational-Engine

Nagy Datamancer Dynamotronic Computational-EngineIt may need more than 2 people to just move it but it is sure to move many more people into awe and admiration! Made by Datamancer, this machine promises to do all the functions of a modern PC. Its name too is fancy and steampunk.

  • Datamancer laptop

Datamancer laptopA winding key kickstarts the computer with power.

  • Underwood No.5

Underwood No.5Underwood No.5 is a retrofit computer that has been encased in a 1924 typewriter. The typewriter was fitted with a mini USB keyboard of 77 keys.

  • Motorized Madness

Motorized madnessThe motorized madness is a steampunk CPU made completely from parts which resemble the inners of a motor.

  • Dave Veloz’s Mac Mini Mod

The designer has made this steampunk computer to celebrate his love as a gift to his wife on their wedding.

  • Brewery

There are valves, taps and hoses which have been fitted on to this computer CPU.

  • Telecalculograph

TelecalculographIt functions as well as any other PC out there. The only thing is that at first sight it appears to be a mini blast furnace.

  • Ironwork Laptop

Ironwork LaptopThis laptop is such a marvel that it is little wonder that the Japanese created it. Steampunk in its finest and unadulterated form, this laptop has been completed in iron.