10 Choicest Linux Distributions For You

There are some people who swear by Linux and this list is for those who do. Here is a list of Linux distributions and we are sure that you will find the list useful and some of the items on the list a bit of a surprise. We are only presenting ten of them for your perusal to give you an idea as to what you can look forward to. You can go through the entire list to then pick the ones you want:

Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Lubuntu/etc: This one is one of the most sought after in the category of general use. It also happens to have a huge selection of software.

Fedora This the latest and most developed general use distribution as it has new versions of software.

openSUSE: This is a dependable and common use distribution for people who are good in enterprise environments.

Debian: Comes with a huge choice of software and is used as the foundation for other distributions.

LinuxMint: This one is customized and has aspects that are not part of other distributions and that is why it is preferred by many.

PCLinuxOS: This is for general use but can also combine technology from other distribution for a great experience.

PinGuy OS: You can customize this several ways, though it is a common usage distribution to improve the experience.
6-PinGuy OS

Slackware: This is probably the earliest of the distribution and requires you to be somewhat adept at Linux to be able to use it.

Gentoo: This one can be optimized to a specific machine, though it is general use distribution. Once again not for those not adept with Linux.

Hybryde Evolution: This one is based on Ubuntu and allows to switch back and forth among desktop environments without having to restart.
9-Hybryde Evolution