10 Chrome Extensions That You Can Use For Twitter


Twitter is a site that engages you interest and keeps you absorbed for hours together once you log in, reading the updates others have posted and posting some of your own. It is a fact that many Twitter users find it easier to use Twitter clients rather than the interface. This is because many of these clients have great features and also support notifications for your @mentions and direct messages among other things. Not only that you can also control the content you view to ensure that this does not disturb your workload.

The thing is Twitter axes the capabilities of 3rd party clients by controlling its API so that many users revert back to the web Interface. Then in that case your browser can be your Twitter Client and a good one at that!

Here is a list of Chrome Extensions that should work:


Classic Retweet :

Normally when you use Twitter on web, editing is not possible pushing many to retweet from phones than from the computer. Classic Retweet circumvents this and adds an option to let you edit re-tweets


Previeweet :

Tweets that lead to news stories or pictures is what we spend a lot of time on. We do have the habit of clicking, reading and sharing them and this consumes a lot of time. If you had the facility to preview them before opening them this would save time. Then Previeweet does exactly that with the preview loading along with the tweets.


Tweeter: App.net client inside Twitter:

This is an extension that combines App.net feed and Twitter once you sign in with the App.net account and provide authorization to connect with the extension. You can either look at updates of all users or just take a peek at the ones you are following


Notifier for Twitter :

The reason that third party Twitter clients are so sought after is due to the notifications. If you long for a way to get notifications for DMs and @mentions then Notifier for Twitter should work for you. It is more of an in-browser Twitter client within a popup to allow you to se you timeline and also tweet.


Open Tweet Filter:

All the trends on Twitter are not worth watching out for and you cannot simply afford the time to read all the tweets. You can use Open Tweet filter to block tweets that have certain keywords or even from a particular user.


Twipster :

If you are looking for a neat and efficient interface for Twitter then Twipster is the one for you. It has eliminated the suggestions on whom to follow along with trending topics and the tweet compose box. It comes in utilitarian white and very minimal


Chromnitweet :

One of the way to tweet without actually going to Twitter is by installing one of the extensions that will open as a popup to let you compose your tweet. Chominnitweet will actually let you tweet from the Omnibar by typing tw and hit space before typing in your tweet. Press enter to send the tweet. Only thing that seems missing is looking up how many characters you have typed.


Twitter Omnibox :

You can use this open a Twitter user’s profile without typing the URL. Simply type @  and type the Twitter’s handle after a space and you will be taken to the profile.



If you are sharing links from your browser on Twitter then you will copy URLs or making use of Tweet buttons to tweet the entire page. TweetRight will let you select a single image from a text on a web page.


InstaTwit :

This one will enhance the image viewing experience on Twitter. You can view Instagram images on Twitter’s interface. You need to simply click on expand in any tweet that has Instagram Link and the extension will show the preview.