10 cool gadgets

The growing technology these days have been about increasing the efficiency and reducing the size. Here’s a list of the 10 most creative cool gadgets and accessories that make life easier .

  • Wooden iPod Dock

Wooden iPod Dock
This Wooden Apple iPod dock is completely Eco-friendly and is made up of salvaged timber which gives out absolutely amazing wooden sound quality.

  • Samsung ultra slim mouse

Samsung ultra slim mouse
Not the most comfortable/functional mouse for everyday use, but just like the extra small Kensington wireless mouse, it’d make an excellent travel accessory.

  • HOLO2.0 mobile computer

HOLO2.0 mobile computer
With computer becoming an integral part of modern life, regular PCs have taken the form of portable notebooks and other mobile devices, so you could stay connected all the time. Reinventing the mobile computer, French designer Elodie Delassus has come up with a highly mobile computer concept named “HOLO2.0” that will give internet access, also becomes a fashion accessory for the trendy.

  • USB memory watch

USB memory watch
USB memory watch is a fashion piece and has a hidden USB device. This is the master piece of Tokyo flash; they are now jamming USB drivers into one end of wristband of this watch.

  • Best Smartphone : The iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S
The iPhone has a huge network of app developers and more than 600,000 apps on the App Store. The best apps will typically hit the App Store before every other smartphone.

  • Best Laptop : MacBook Air

MacBook Air
Sure, Apple has a MacBook Pro with beastly guts and a resolution that stomps the competition, but this is one of the most affordable high-quality computers on the market.
The Air remains the laptop you should buy — if you are still in the market for a laptop.

  • Best Consumer Camera : Panasonic Lumix GF2

Panasonic Lumix GF2
The camera isn’t that pricey compared to expensive professional-grade DSLR cameras, but it’s a favorite among photographers because it has interchangeable lenses and takes high-quality photos.

  • Pig Buddies – USB Hub

Pig Buddies - USB Hub
This will be the cutest gadget ever made. This is a USB hub with three thumb drives; the pig momma is the hub and the three cute little piglets are the flash drives.

  • Wooden Camera

Wooden Camera
This wooden camera music box has an internal storage memory of 256MB which should be enough to carry your favorite list of music

  • Never Wet

Never Wet
Never Wet is surely one of the best invention of this year. This is a special liquid resistant coating that repels water, dirt and any other kind of liquid. This coat will keep you shoes clean for a very long time and when it rains your shoes will get dried pretty fast.