10 Free Online tools to Create Perfect Resume For Job

A resume is the first impression that you make on a prospective employer. Normally we tend to borrow the format from a friend or colleague to make our own. But the result may not be all that you expect it to be; it could turn out to be drab and dry. This means though you may be a good candidate, your resume does not make you stand out in the crowd.

You need to ensure that your resume reflects the real you and stands out from all the rest. That too in a precise and expert manner and without missing out on any important details. You can do this by getting some help from a few online tools. You will find that these tools take you through the process of preparing a resume step wise method. Some of them even have a format that you can download to fill the details. Since most resumes nowadays are available in soft copy, this should be done in a jiffy.

Linkedin: This is the site that is for the more serious individual – namely those working people who know the value of networking and interactions. You can start with updating your profile on this site and use the information updated here on to your resume or you can even use the export option


DoYouBuzz: If you are looking to jazz up your bio data then this site can help you design your bio data. You get to choose the color scheme and template that you want for your resume.

Resume.com: Save your Resume in the virtual world and when the need arises, provide access to this URL to the concerned person. You also have the choice of downloading the bio-data if required.
C.V maker: Like the name suggests it is indeed a tool to help you make a great resume and it supports many languages. With easy fill in the gaps way of collecting information and options to customize, this is a great tool
4-C.V maker

Online CV Generator: Another tool that need no signing up. But the one flaw is that you cannot pull in information from other sites. You need to do it manually, but still makes a great tool.

5-Online CV Generator

LiveCareer: This allows you to build your resume and offers many features. You have to sign up to creat and save your resume but you will be delighted with the templates and format and also run a spell check. This tool has many options and allows saving in different formats.

Resunate: This is a paid site and provides you with serious options making it worth your while. You can also upload your old bio data and modifying it instead of starting all over again.

JobSpice: This is another tool that will let you pull in your old resume from Linkedin and lets you create your bio data with formats, fonts, colors and other choices. You can then download it in document or PDF format.

Resumesimo : This is for the more creative and adventurous among you as the options in this tool can really make your resume colorful. In this tool too you can grab data from Linkedin.

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