10 Free Proxy Sites to Visit Blocked Sites For 2013

Sometimes you are really in the mood to do some research and what do you find? That some of the sites that you want to access are blocked! This can be a real impediment to going about your work. But then there are some ways you can get around this. In this post we will tell you how you can circumvent the restrictions placed on your surfing freedom and get to the restricted website.


These can be very useful to you know matter where you work; whether it is for your business or for studies, you will find this a boon and things will become easier. In case you have any site of your own to contribute with regard to accessing blocked sites then do share it with us.

The sites where you can conceal your IP address:

Hidemyass :

This free proxy will let you surf the web while keeping your IP address hidden. It will also secure your Internet connection and even conceal the identities of the sites you have looked as well as keeping your online identity hidden


Newipnow.com :

The site you visit will get to see your IP address so they know the address of the computer or device you are using to connect with them. With NewIPNow.com you can utilize their IP address to deal with your identity on the web. Simply browse knowing that your IP is concealed using their public and shared IP addresses.


Blewpass :

You can either browse without revealing you identity or even work around your office, or place of study’s restrictions. If you find that the website you like is not available you can get to it using Blewpass.com.  All you have to do is enter the address of the site you are looking for in the field given for text.


Proxify :

This provides anonymous or concealed proxy service to those who want to browse the net in safe, secure and private manner. This one is unlike the other Proxies and VPNs on that it does not require any installation of complex software to use.


Anonymouse :

This one lets you surf the internet while remaining completely concealed just like the mice that roam around our homes under the cover of dark.


Ninjacloak :

This is free proxy service that is web based to be anonymous on the web. Ninja Cloak can be used to get to sites that you like while being concealed even when they are behind blocked ports or firewalls.


KProxy :

This one is aiding many people who are eager to protect their privacy and their identity while they are online and also provides access to those sites that have been censored right from 2005. It is one of the dependable and the quickest free web proxy today


4freeproxy :

This one will let you conceal your IP address and also allows you to secure your Internet connection. You can bypass any blocked site from office, college, school or other institutions using this.


Webevader :

This one of a kind proxy list will group all the free proxies available by the place of origin using the IP as well as popularity. You can also find the age of the proxies that have been submitted using this.


Unblockit :

You can look through the web in secret, conceal your identity online using this speedy and free of cost web proxy surfer. This free SSL proxy server provides you absolute anonymity while you are on the net, it hides your IP address and manages to sidestep all the restrictions of the network that are put in place the administrators.