10 Helpful applications to send free messages

applications for free messagingToday’s world is one that has made us all dependent of mobile devices, we cannot think of life without them. Whether it is recreation or work the cellphone clearly plays a star role. While this can have advantages the other side also means the increase in costs and that is something that we need to balance off against the uses. Texting is one of the easiest and most effective ways of keeping in touch and we are always looking at means to cut expenses.

Since smartphones are linked to Internet and due to the dint of developers working on this, we have many options that allow free messaging using the power of the Internet. These applications that enable free messaging have started coming up for some time and over time they have improved. So in case you are looking for ways to cut the cost of messaging then these free applications are the right path to take.

The benefits and pitfalls of using free applications for messaging:


  • Obviously the first one is of convenience and saving on costs
  • No monthly subscriptions required
  • No advertisements are attached along with the messages


If you are depending on WiFi and not having your own internet connection then you cannot use these applications all the time

You can only message free to those who have the same service and this means that those of your contacts that don’t have the same service will not be able to receive the messages

Coming to the actual applications here is a list that you can use and pick the one that works for you:

Whatsapp: This one is the most popular application and the interface is also very simple and easy

Viber: This application lets you receive and send messages for free and can even possibly send pictures too.

Kakao: A well know free messenger on Android and offers many features and advantages.

The others include