10 Little known Applications for Windows


Certain applications are necessary and all of us have these in our computers. While this is true there are also certain applications that though great are not all that well known. We will look at such applications for windows that are not hyped that much.

WizMouse: Is one of those applications that become indispensable once used. It lets you scroll in windows by just mousing over instead of clicking. You may think it is not that great a use until you tried it. Then you will wonder how you got anything done without this.


Skitch: It may not be a topnotch tool for screenshots but it a great annotation tool for Screenshots. It is quite astounding how a couple of arrows in the right place, some texts and a few shapes can really make the point you are trying to make really simple. You can do it on paint but Skitch is simpler and loos better and if you are an Evernote user then integration is easier too.


PotPlayer: It is a great application for playing videos on Windows as it is quick and has numerous settings to allow you to fine tune the video. It is definitely better than many of the other popular options.


Bins: The taskbar on Windows is probably one of the better ones around but still may leave you wanting more. Bin steps in in this regard and adds some more useful features to the Taskbar. Some of the main one being the option to group multiple applications on to a single square. You need to click on that square to use the main application and if you linger over it you can select the application you want. It is great for those that have many audio players, picture editor etc.


Chocolatey: This one gets you the amazingly speedy and superbly configuring package management of Linux on to Windows. What this means is that you can install many applications at the same time with minimum effort. Or else you can have a trial of the new application without having to go through the process of finding, downloading and installing it. Things happen with very less effort.


Dexpot: This is a superb utility that augments your desktop with a lot of features to Windows along with shortcuts. The main objective is to divide your desktop into quartered work spaces. It can also render the windows transparent and provide you a view of all the windows that are open. Dexpot is great to de-clutter the workspace and enhance productivity.


Growl: This one basically gathers and puts together all the balloons, popups and myriad notifications that arrive on your desktop into one single system. This will enable you to control and modify as well as transmit to other computer or even to your mobile device. It supports many popular applications and is very easy to get started on.


MusicBee: This may be another player for audio but it has many features and also tagging features which add to the appeal.


Nircmd: Though not strictly an application it is something that all life hackers should have on Windows. Basically Nircmd is a command tool that does many systems function with simple and basic commands. You can combine this with AutoHotKey to make it even more interesting and enable the performance of many system tasks with a single key stroke.


OneNote: This is an application about which not much is talked about but when you use it you will fall for it. It is a great tool for outlining, perfect for personal project management, perfect of maintaining minutes of a meeting as well as for note taking. It is accessible on many platforms and is quite effective.