10 Most Popular Social Firefox Addons

Firefox, has definitely set the new limits of browsers. It was the first to make browsing so fun, all because of the functions and opportunities it offers. It brings you every kind of Addons to save you time and make things handy. The Latest Firefox Version is said to be the best of all time. Well, If you are a social media enthusiast and always keep your eyes on your news feeds then Firefox has a soft corner for the interest.

Here are some of the most popular Social Firefox Addons to Offer you a fast and comfortable way to keep in touch with your loving social platforms. It’s not only a secure way but also time hacking.

StumbleUpon| Download

If you are a Stumpleupon user then you may have already known to this addon but if not then this will make use stumple in a totally easy way. It offers you various options which get the job done easily and lets you enjoy digging links.

Shareaholic| Download

So you are a typical internet user like me who always be online on many of the social media platforms then Shareaholic is a necessary plugin for you. It allows you to get online on various networks with a single button. If you haven’t tried it yet then this is the right time to do this.


Firestatus| Download

A status update utility for multiple social networks, including Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, delicious and identi.ca.


Rapportive| Download

Rapportive replaces Gmail ads with info. Is very cool.


Wisestamp| Download

WiseStamp lets you setup rich personalized signatures using a simple WYSIWYG Editor. The app supports Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL and Hotmail.


Hootbar| Download

HootBar is a social media publishing tool that allows you to post messages to Twitter directly from your Firefox address bar.


Yoono| Download

It works like a sidebar and lets you stay updated with friends and websites. You can stay connected with friends on social network websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Piczo, Flickr and Friendfeed. You can also talk to your friends using AIM, MSN and Yahoo Messenger using the widget.


imgur| Download

The Most Popular image uploading platform for social media platforms.

Facebook Auto-Logout| Download

This add-on logs you automatically out of Facebook when quitting Firefox or if you haven’t opened Facebook for configurable amount of time (the default is one minute). All Facebook cookies are removed, so you’re not logged in anymore and not traceable at least by these cookies.


Scribefire Next| Download

ScribeFire Next is the most popular blogging addon across all of the mainstream browsers, including Firefox and Chrome. With it, you can write blog posts straight inside your browser (without having to visit the site itself) and upload them with a click of one button.

11-scribefire next