10 Recommended Applications for Blackberry Z10

Blackberry has been really industrious lately with many things. At the Blackberry Live there was an update for the system in all-touch Blackberry Z10. There was an announcement for BlackBerry Mobile for Android and iOS that has to come out this summer. It was also revealed that they have reached 120000 applications for BlackBerry World.

It is a great time to have a Blackberry and here are some of the best and most handy mobile applications that you will find on this platform.

WhatsApp Messenger: This messenger that works across platforms can be used for free for one year and then a nominal charge is levied thereafter. You can use WhatsApp to chat in a group, for multimedia sharing and Emoji. It does not matter what platforms are being used by the people you are interacting with, you can still use it. The messaging on this is free

Songza: Songza is a free application used for music that will make playlists of different types that will be based on the mood you are undergoing and as per the environment. You can simply go through the playlists based on genre, activity, mood or decade. You can stream the music for free with no limits being imposed on listening.

Kindle: Again this is free and by Amazon. It is quite a necessary application for people who love to read. An essential aid for voracious readers. You can synchronize this with Kindle magazines or newspaper subscriptions and the books that you want to read to the BlackBerry Device. You can also borrow e books from the library on Kindle or go through the Amazon catalog to buy the books of your choice.

Alarm Clock Pro: Unlike the Z10 which does not allow users to set and use multiple alarms, this application will let you just that. You can not only use this to set multiple alarms but you can make it wake you every time with a song of your choice or a podcast or even an audiobook that you can pick out. One of the most likable aspects of this is the option to shake to go to snooze function. This means that you do not have to unlock the screen.

IM+ Pro: IM+ Pro does the work of integrating Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, AIM, and many more things. You can use this to have a Group chat and then save chat history, end up using multiple accounts at the same time, send photos and text messages. You can lock it with a master password to keep it secure.

Waze: This social traffic and map application will show you things that are useful in daily life. It will guide you to avoid accidents on traffic, show you where you can get fuel at the best prices and also provide you up to date routes. This will be gleaned from other Waze users who are on the road.

Conqu: Conqu is a free tool that will assist you quite effectively in managing tasks. You can use this tool to organize things that you have to do on a daily basis on the basis of priority. The tool can also be used to manage very complex projects. Things become easier when you can sort the chores that need to be done by type, color and the effort and time to be expended on the same.

Angry Birds Star Wars: The Force is decidedly in with this Star Wars-based version of Angry Birds. Conquer the bad imperial swine and get the better of rebel birds which surround the Pig Star Tatooine and many more from your most favored galaxy locations.

Photo Studio: Is a free application that is great for effective image processing. It has tools that include sharpening, correction of colors, a huge collection of more than 100 filters and auto levels. Once you are done editing you could share the images on Twitter or Facebook or even through SMS.