10 Spy Applications For Your iPhone

yh-horzAlmost everyone we know of nurses some kind spy fantasy. It could be because of all the James Bond we watched while growing up but the longing continues. Would you like to take it a step further and have some of those gizmos for yourself? If not the actual reality of becoming a spy you can at least be a pretend one by getting some of these applications.


Contact Spy :

This one lets you try to find out who was behind the call you got from an unknown number. Works only for USA.

contact spy

Call Log Pro :

This one actually records the conversation that you make. You can then keep it in your records

call log pro

Spy Gizmos :

This one provides you an easy and safe way to keep in touch with close friends by allowing you to send messages in codes. Pals can use this app to decipher the message

spy gizmos

Self Destructing Message :

This one has timers that destroy the message in a certain time.

self destructing message

Your Secret Folder :

This one lets you keep and protect  videos and pictures that you do not want others to see with a lock either in pin or dot form


GPS Location Tracker :

This will enable you to track your phone

GPS Location Tracker

Spy recorder :

This one helps you record voice and also helps you set a schedule a time for recording which will be notified to you by the phone vibrating

spy recorder

Night Recorder :

This one will start recording only when the voice is loud enough
Night Recorder

Secret Voice :

This is recording application that also a web browser attached that can be used while the recording occurs

Secret Voice

Top secret audio recorder :

Functions as application with which you can view pictures. The application will record from the minute you tap the photo

Top Secret Audio Recorder