10 Things that a Geek could wish for from Google Glass

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There have been many articles about what Google Glass does offer, but nobody mentions what more we expect. Here it is a list of things that we wish that Google Glass offers. This is sure to be the dream of any self respecting geek. Geeks want it all and when they get it they want it even more. Here is a peek of some of the things they wish Google Glass would enable:

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  1. Benefit Education: If we have picked anything from Youtube it is that videos can teach us well while keeping things interesting. Google Glass can expand on this by help record tutorials of things and processes that normal people may not have access to. The person doing the process can concentrate on the process while the recording goes on.
  2. Current data when required: We are sure when anybody needs instant access whether it is a healthcare professional needing data or anybody wanting information about programs they want to watch, instant access can be really useful. This could be very useful from things like sales to the most technical of things
  3. Recommendation Guides: It would be really amazing if you could get reviews and recommendations of eateries as you pass by from Glass. This would be an amazing tool for tourists and travelers. When traveling they can simply check what is displayed before deciding whether to try it or not
  4. Health Monitor Interface: What if you could constantly monitor health stats on the move using a GPS Chip from Glass along with an external health tracking monitor. With the fitness wave taking over the world, what would be better than device that helps in this aspect.
  5. Get more out of your life: If you are working from home this device or facility that we wish Glass would have would enable you to get important mail and phone updates while keeping your hands free for other tasks. You need not go anywhere to receive updates. This way you can manage and supervise things at home without losing touch with your professional life.
  6. Assisting Busy live: What if you have a virtual personal assistant that will let you juggle several things without missing or overlooking any vital aspect? Sounds amazing, right? Imagine never missing out any payment, appointment of event?
  7. Documentaries In First Person View: It would be like actually being a part of the documentary where the viewer can actually experience the who thing. This is like taking normal documentaries to the next level. This can be both an amazing teaching as well as learning experience depending on the way it is used.
  8. Video Conferencing Alternative: While Google Hangout is amazing you still need to park yourself in front of the computer. What if there is an alternative which lets you attend meetings and conferences no matter where you are?
  9. Easier Video Logging: If you love doing and building things with your hands, you may sometimes find it difficult to keep track of different parts and screws. So what if Glass enables the user to keep a record of what are the steps he/she has followed so that it is easy to go back and check? This can be used in many situations like home based stuff as well as complicated work that needs constant monitoring.
  10. Work Together With Any Smartphone & Its Apps: This is something that most of would want Glass to provide. We are visualizing something that has support for mobile OS like Windows, Android, iOS, BlackBerry along with upcoming OS like Firefox, Ubuntu, Sailfish and Tizen