10+Helpful iPad Apps for Taking Your Business on the Road

iPads, as well as other mobile devices like smartphones, have enabled us to truly take our offices and businesses on the go and work productively and efficiently from anywhere.  The iPad is definitely the most popular tablet computer, and thanks to the abundance of the applicationsalready exist, you can turn it into a productivity powerhouse and a mobile office. Here are 10 apps that will make your business activities, such as scheduling appointments, managing time, documents and communicating from you iPad a breeze.

Schedule Planner

enables you to plan your time and daily tasks from your tablet. If you are constantly on the move or often schedule business meetings out of an office setting, this app will help you manage your time and meetings.


Organizer To-Do

helps you get organized by creating unlimited to-do lists. It also includes a calendar with multiple views, so you can see your events easily or look at your to-do items and events side by side. It is also possible to add notes to your calendar.

Google Drive

is probably the best free way to create and edit documents and spreadsheets on your iPad. Microsoft Office users may miss their favorite office productivity suite on their iPad, but Google Drive still provides a great and free alternative with the ability of offline viewing and 5GB for storing documents, pictures and other files.


is probably the best known and most used service for keeping your documents in sync across multiple devices. One awesome feature of its iPad (iPhone as well) app is that it allows you to add files to your “Favorites” so you can view them offline. A viable alternative isSugarSync.

Able2Doc Mobile

is a PDF to Word converterwhich lets you turn native and scanned PDF documents into highly editable documents in Microsoft Word or Text formats. It is 100% free, lightweight and produces highly accurate conversions.The same developer also offers iPad PDF apps for PDF creation and conversion to Excel and PowerPoint.


is a virtual printer which enables you to “print” a document from your personal computer (PC or Mac) to your iPad. You can directly send your emails, web-pages and more from any program from your computer to your iPad via WiFi, so your docs and files can travel with you even if your computer can’t.


is a simple app for keeping notes, ideas, lists or even journaling. It automatically syncs your notes with your computer and other devices. You can use this app for free if you don’t mind ads, which appear at the top of your note list.

Evernote aficionados can use this service on their iPad if they download the official Evernote app.

Desktop Connect

is a full-featured desktop viewer which enables you to view and control Windows, MacOSX and Linux computers from your iPad.

60+ languages +Translation+Voice+Pronanciation+OCR

is a full text mobile multi-translation app which supports 64 languages.  It allows you to choose between the Google and Bing translation engines. The paid version supports phonetic pronunciation and text to speech conversions for 17 languages.

Now, it is your turn – what is your favorite iPad app for keeping up with your work related tasks and activities?