11+ a Korean Firm has Designed a Rotating Clock that Displays Different Time Zones

We are aware of the fact that the different parts of the world show difference in their time zones. Until now, internet was the only source that could help us figure out the time across different parts of the world. But now, Korean firm 11+ has rolled out the World Clock that could be a stylish alternative.

cylindrical world clock

So what is the World Clock?

World Clock is a cylindrical desk clock with unique design. The clock can be rotated to display the time in anywhere in the world.
cylindrical world clock
Names of 24 major cities are marked around the clock, two for each number on the dial to correspond with the 24-hour clock.
cylindrical world clock

The rotating functionality is a clever mechanism that’s undoubtedly been thought of before, but coupled with a typically accomplished design from 11+, it goes a long way.

Independently working hands allow the clock to be quickly rolled back to any of its 24 time zones, while immediately transitioning back to the local time.

When you want to check the time of a particular city, all you need to do is spin the clock so the preferred time zone is at the 12 o’ clock position.

“Let’s say someone living in New York wants to know the time in London,” said 11+ founder and CEO Keunha Kim. “When it is 5:57pm in New York, you can see that it is 10:57pm in London if you roll the clock so that London appears on top.”

A counterweight at the bottom stops the movement of the hands when the clock and face are rotated, so the user can check the hour hand against its new market number to know the time.

Once released, the counterweight brings the clock back to its original position automatically.

“We live in a time where communicating with friends and family from around the world is as easy and as simple as pushing a button,” says Kim. “We wanted to create a playful design that would reflect this globalisation.”

The polycarbonate clock case is available in gray, blue, or burnt orange from Leibel for $49.00.




world clock detail

Via : Designboom