15 Best Free Online Image Editors

In the past few decades, technology has become so advance that there are many tools and gadgets for many aspects available for us to use. They have made our lives easier and richer in many ways.  There are now many tools that are available for editing and improving images so that you can add your own touch to them.

These tools that will help you fiddle and add some touches to photos are available free in the form of software that can be downloaded.  This makes it easy and convenient to use and you have the advantage of using them from any location as they are on the net.

Here is a list that will make you jump with joy. You can use these to transform the images that you want to share or use:

Photoshop Express: This one is an easier and smaller edition of Photoshop that offers you many awesome features. You can do basic edition of images like rotation, adjustments in saturation and auto correction using this.

Aviary: This one is great and has a really compact set of five tools that do things like marking up images, editing images, editing effects, editing vector and editing swatch. One of the highlights of this is that it is an online tool that  provides you many great features on your browser

iPiccy:  An easy program that provides the general features for editing images like resizing, cropping and rotating among other things. The thing that makes it great in the blender option which lets overlap texts, images and even tweak their opacity and blend mode.

PicMonkey: Very simple to use with a clean interface having basic features like editing, rotating, cropping and putting in effects like film stock and Holga etc.

Pixlr: It is one of the most well know tools that has 3 versions as per the skill of the user. You can use it to add effects, filters, adjustments and stickers.

Photovisi: A very intriguing tool to make collage style of wallpaper using images of your own or from other sources. It is simple and quick and has several templates on offer

BeFunky: An awesome image editor that is fast and easy. You can put in up to 20 effects that are preset on to images and zing them up

Ribbet: Has a clean and easy interface that makes for simple and quick handling. You can edit images in a single click and also play around with the visibility of the effect.

Funphotobox: Like the name says this is a really great tool for humorous images online. Use them at work and with your close circle to make them laugh.

Citrify: Is a fast editor that offers all the basic aspects that you require to edit images with simplicity like cropping and rotating etc. You can also touch up and correct stuff like blemishes, removing red eye and also modifying brightness and color

Picfull: This one is really good for putting in effects to images fast and simply. The interface is easy to use

Blingee: A simple and good tool that make the boring images look cool

Fotor: Comes with a neat and lovely navigation menu and lets you do basic editing. It also has features that enable the creation of photo cards and adding HDR effect to your images.

Splashup: Built along the lines of Photoshop it has dialogue boxes with the menu for navigation at the top of the page. The only thing that works against it is that it provides only few filters and does not offer features for tweaking exposure and level of images

FotoFlexer: Is quite sought after and offer many advanced features for use.