15 Dandy Photoshop Cartoon Tutorials

Cartoon characters have much more fans than any other celebrity. The best thing is that they don’t get old and they don’t die even. With uncountable characters, with different mediums and in various forms, Cartoons are entertaining peoples of every age. The digital media has made it so easy to represent our own imaginations or characters on Paper. This is the first time we are going through anything related to Photoshop or design field, so let us know how was your experience with us.

Here, we are listing 15 Ultimate Photoshop Cartoon Tutorials.

1. Create a robotic angel using line art and textures

This tutorial can show you how to draw a robotic angel using textures and line art in Photoshop.

2. How to create your own vector cartoon character

If you want to create your own vector character and use it as a poster for your room then this is what you actually needs.

3. How to create a cute bunny vector character

There are many factors what makes the image of a character like, size, expressions, look and color. This tutorial shows you how to create cute bunny character. By offering you a large numbers of shapes you can get what you want with no effort.

4. Creating vector characters in Illustrator

Sketching the character gives a final touch to the character. The tutorial shows you exactly how to sketch the cartoon.

5. Create a vector pirate cartoon character from a hand-drawn sketch

Do you love pirates? Then here is your weekend project. This is really an amazing tutorial to create your own vector pirate character.

6. Mascot Design Cartoon Tutorial
The tutorial shows you how to create Mascot Design Cartoon Characters.

7. Create A Quirky Twitter Bird Tutorial
Want your unique twitter logo for your webpage? Then Coral is another way to learn how to draw this Quirky Twitter Bird using some of the simplest techniques.

8. Reader Cartoon Character Photoshop Tutorial
The tutorial teaches you how to use Photoshop to create these cartoon characters easily.

9. Comic Book Style Cartoon Tutorial
Is there any comic artist inside you? Then follow the guide to draw your own comic book characters.

10. Create a Self-Portrait Caricature
If you have tried a lot of vector cartoons and want some change in your style then try this. This tutorial show you how to transform old vector illustration into a true digital painting.

11. Create Bart Simpson Cartoon Tutorial
This is a beginner tutorial. You can create Bart Simpson by using layers and pen tool.

12. Create Lady Birds Insect Tutorial

Create your funny and cute lady bird using ellipse.

13. Create A Vector Bird Cartoon Tutorial
This tutorials shows how you can crate a bird with some very simple illustration techniques.

14. Creating Line Drawings In Adobe Tutorial
It is very simple and quick guide to create your Grumpy Old Man.

15. How to Paint a Furry Cartoon Character
The animated movies have given us many furry cartoon characters. This tutorial shows you how to design your own.