15 Must-Have Programs for a New Computer

You are starting with your New System, The windows has been successfully Installed and it’s ready to use. But, what you should have to install right after the Operating System? Just follow the list under. It has been compiled with an experience as a long time Windows users. All these programs will help you to get the most out of your system.

Must-Have Programs for a New Computer

Must-Have Programs for a New Computer

Avast Free Antivirus: An antivirus program is the top priority item on any new Window Installation. Which one should you pick? Avast has scored above 6 other competitors for performance, efficiency in detecting threats and an user-friendly interface.

Avast Free Antivirus

CCleaner: We know adding more programs and running them on Windows PC makes it slow. CCleaner somewhat reduces this virtual decay by offering a simple solution to remove extraneous data from the PC. You can use this to hide your web’s history too.


Google Chrome: As incredible as it seems Google Chrome has really evolved into something powerful and sought after. With a simple web browser interface, Chrome is apt for users who want to see more of their regular webpages. Chrome allows closing of separate web pages that are unresponsive without closing everything

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox: A web browser that actually took over Internet Explorer’s monopoly. It brought in multiple tabs about 3rd party plug-ins that enhance the program. Even with others stepping in and creating competition, Mozilla Firefox remains a necessity for a new Windows Installation

Mozilla Firefox

Open Office: Microsoft Office can be expensive and Google docs depends on net. Open Office is free and will work without web connection. May not be as simple to use as Microsoft Office, it still works. You can write documents, make calculations or create presentations.

Open Office

Skype: If you want to talk to your near and dear ones across the globe, then simply install Skype on your Computer and then you can see them as well as talk to them. The only shortcoming being the necessity of a robust internet connection


Pidgin: Whatever means you use to communicate (AOL/YAHOO/ MICROSOFT), Pidgin supports it. You can even stay online in many accounts on different IM services. You can even copy and paste messages from one to another.


iTunes: There may be many changes but still iTunes from Apple rules the roost. Plus iTunes is still the only accepted method to download and install apps for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.


VLC: Want to view some video or audio clip that is saved in a vague file format? VLC can probably make it work. VLC gains over so many other dues to it being able to support any media format as well as being less demanding on the PC


TweetDeck: IF you are the kind that is totally into Social media site TweetDeck is the way to stay abreast of Twitter and Facebook accounts at the same time. This Adobe Air-based program will let you juggle multiple accounts without a hitch.


Dropbox: Want a place to keep vital data that is easily accessible wherever you are and on all gadgets? Dropbox is a cloud syncing service that will by rote copy files you put into a certain folder on your computer with your online “Dropbox”, where they can be retrieved from other devices that support the Dropbox service.


Paint.NET: For simple and rough image editing, the Paint utility in Windows can be used. However for more complex image modification and improvement Paint.NET is a free alternative. This program is reallly adaptable and it duplicates some vital features that you find advanced image editors like Adobe Photoshop.

PhotoFiltre: PhotoFiltre is another no-cost option to Windows Paint with many more features.The important ones being the support for various image filters that enable modifying the look of any picture with the click of a button


Notepad++: Windows comes with Notepad program and this works exactly as the name suggests.. People who write code (web designers, web developers, programmers, etc.) enjoy Notepad++ and they enjoy the support for plug-ins that it provides.

NOTE: We are still working on the List to make it better, for that we are accepting suggestions from our readers. We have already received some recommendations and still waiting more to come. Don’t forget to mention any of your favorite program in comments.