15 Resources to Create Free Background Designs For your Website

Online media is the fastest growing media for all kinds of purposes such as buying, selling, gaming, entertainment purposes, business purposes, communication and much more. The number of online visitors of a website is clearly depends on the design of the website and the background image is considered as one of the major factors in web designing. The background image can easily transform a simple website to an impressive and extraordinary one. So, the designers and website owners should select the best and appropriate background image for their website.

As there is plenty of online source for downloading website background images but it’s very difficult task to choose the best one. For the convenience of the users, we are presenting a list of 15 Free Resources to Create Background Designs For your Website.

Colour Lovers


 Colour Lover is an artistic community that allows the artists to create various patterns with lots of colors and a lot provide the opportunity to share their creations.

Spiral Graphics

 Genetica is a well-known animation editor and this website offers you  a chance to download impressive and extraordinary 3D Background Textures.


Repeat XY

 Repeat XY  is a source which allows the user to search website background image according to their need and requirements, select the perfect one and also allows to edit them.  .


Stripe Generator

 Stripe Generator is an appropriate tool for those who are looking for an easy-to-use tool to design the website background image. With this tool, users can easily create striped image for website background.


Stripe Mania

 Stripe Mania works same as that of  last one. But you can also say it’s the modified version because you can also add some gradient to the image and make it more impressive and good-looking.


Tartan Maker

 Tartan website backgrounds are very popular these days . And Tartan Maker is the tool which provides the feature to design and create a tartan website background with a plenty of outstanding colors which please the mind of visitors.


CG Textures

It’s the place where user can get a lot of 3D Textures for website background and select any of them according to the theme and purpose of the website.


Background Labs

 Background Labs is a source is where the user can get a set of website backgrounds distributed in different categories such as textures, amazing patterns and much more beautiful backgrounds.


Texture King

 Texture King is perfect website for those who want some high quality texture designs for their website background. And the texture images are useful for both personal and professional purposes.


Grunge Textures

 As the name suggests, it provides digital backgrounds for the websites and provide an astounding  look to the website and hence collects a lot of praise from the visitors.


Texture Vault

 If you’re a web designer and searching for something impressive and unique for the website background then it’s very hard to find any place better than Texture Vault. You can easily download glorious texture designs from here.


Texture Lovers

 As the name describes, this website is especially designed for the texture lovers. Those who prefer texture designs instead of images for the website background image should prefer this website. Undoubtedly, they’ll find the textures of their need.


GR Sites

 GR Sites is considered as one of the best sources to download 3D Background images. User can easily select the best background for the website.


Texture Forrest

 Looking for a website which provides user friendly interface? Then, you’re at the perfect place. Here, you can easily find very beautiful texture designs without any effort.


Lost and Taken

 Lost and Taken provides you the astonishing collection impressive texture designs. Most of the web designers prefer this website for selecting the background image for the website.