15-Year-Old Kid Invents Shoe that Charges any Portable Device as you Walk

Angel Casimiro, a 15-year-old high school kid from Philippines has just invented a gadget- an electricity generating shoe that charges your smartphones or any portable devices as you walk.

Electricity Generating Footwear

How the Device works?

The device consists of a pair of insoles with piezoelectric crystals attached on them. When the user walks, runs, jumps or dances, he exerts some sort of pressure on the crystals and produces electric power , which can be used to charge your cell phone via USB.

The Piezoelectricity concept is used in the working of Quartz watches. Some of Europe’s clubs have been using the same concept to help power their lights from people’s exertion on the dance floor for some years now.

Casimiro says that joggers and hikers on the go will find the device useful as they don’t have access to phone chargers. Even for those living in places where there is no electricity, the device is very helpful.

The only problem with Casimiro’s device is that it takes roughly eight hours of jogging or running to charge the battery to full capacity. To get 10 minutes of charge time, you need to play basketball for two hours.

Even still, his enthusiasm and his fascination with renewable energy in the above video are infectious, which should serve him well in the 2014 Google Science Fair, the “global online science and technology competition” where he’s entered his device.

The video below demonstrates what inspired him with the idea.