19 Smart Features From The Smartphone To Make You Smarter

Is the Smartphone actually capable of being smart? We all know that most folks who have the phone use it to look at the net, indulge in a few games, may be for music, create memes and to put up snaps on Instagram. These things are actually quite basic. Did you know that you can do so much more with your smartphone? It is like having a miniscule computer that can also sent to the space in the form of a satellite.

In any case that is not for everybody. You should also know that not only can you utilize your smartphone for surfing the net, but you can also use it to trace your vehicle, unlock and lock house, guard your well being and generally keep tabs on friends and family. Here is an entirely different viewpoint on smartphones.

Viper SmartStart: If your car is your pride , then your Viper SmartStart can be the key to managing all aspects of your vehicle. Open, close, pop the boot and ensure the safety of your car. ($149-$399).

Viper Smart Start

Hone: Your keyring is probably the most searched item at at any given time. Hone is a Bluetooth device that will aid you in locating it. It is simple to use, simply link the device to key and press find on the phone. Voila! and there you have it. ($49)


Lockitron: You can lock, unlock and keep tabs on when somebody knocks on the door using this and all this right from your Smartphone ($179)


Square Register: A radically new way of conducting transactions on the move. You can take on any credit card payment with authorization from the customer. To do away with any misuse this data is encrypted prior to initialization of processing.

Square Register

Geode: This lets you transform your actual credit card and other cards in electronic data. To make use of a card, simply move the card data to the Geode card for the time being. Activate and swipe the card as you would normally. You can also keep the barcode of cards and allow it to be scanned. ($159)

Tōd: Utilize these clever signal devices named Tōd, for keeping tabs on where you kid is or even for pets or your vehicle. You can get information by mail or sms when they move out of the area there are supposed to stay within ($32)


Pico Genie: Huge projectors are so passé. Pico Genie A100 is a audio attached mini projector that is as small as the Iphone. The output from this is a 60 inch view along with great audio for making presentations. But it is felt that this is better for playing games!($262)

Pico Genie

Botiful: Simply connect the smartphone to Botiful and you can interact with people anywhere with a mini Skype Interface. The actual enjoyment is exploring things with this tiny robot that you cannot normally do! ($199)


Scanbox: Now utilize your smartphone to do scanning in bulk using a easy and carryable Scanbox. It has LEDs that glow from beneath thereby giving striking illumination for as good a scanning quality as is possible ($15)


NODE Chroma: This is mini photoshop hue chooser. You can put the Chroma on the thing that you want to save the color off and this will be stored in your Smartphone or PC with formats like HEX, CMYK,LAB and RGB to be used whenever you want to. ($149)

NODE Chroma

Sensordrone: This is a sensor device that gleans important data from your surrounding like moisture, temperature, pollution etc. It is apt for folk who need such data all the time ($175)


Crash Sensor: Take safety precautions for yourself by attaching this device to your helmet when attempting adventure based activities. In case of any problem, this attachment will communicate to people listed as emergency contact along with the right coordinates.

Crash Sensor

Misfit Shine: You can make fitness scientific with Misfit Shine will tell at the end of the day whether the day’s activities are adequate to keep you fit.($79)

Misfit Shine

Health Appliances: Keep track of hypertension wisely. With Withings Blood pressure monitor and Medisana Thernmodock keep tabs on blood pressure and temperature. Also save information for use later. ($158, $80).

Health Appliances

Deeper: Smartphone for better fishing? Well with Deeper you can do that! It scans and tells you about fish in a 50m radius on your screen. ($149.00)


Smart Radiation Detector: Everyone wants to know of radiation and avoid its ill effects. This Smart Radiation Detector will tell you about the levels of contamination in food and drink. Can be used by doctors and emergency people. ($100)

Smart Radiation Detector

SkyLight: Use this to link smartphone camera with microscope and click microscopic pictures ($65)


Smart Baby Monitor: Using both visual and sounds from your baby’s room via the installed Smart Baby Monitor, you can keep in touch with all details about the baby. This includes the temperature in the room too. ($352)

Smart Baby Monitor

Wise-Pet: A digital pet that safeguards your phone Wisepet comes with different personas. You can also learn fun lessons and get bed time stories read to you, using the educational features. ($20)