20 Chrome Extensions For Happy Browsing Experience

1-Chrome Extensions For Developers

Here are some of the most useful extensions from Chrome. You will find them very useful for your specific Browsing requirements.

For convenience they have been divided into specific sections. You will find that you can look at the specific section to pick out the ones you want

Chrome Extensions For Developers

cheome developers-1

  • IP Address: Using this extension, finding your IP is a matter of a few seconds
  • PageRank Status: Want to know the PageRank for your website. Use this extension to keep tabs on the way your site is performing, right from the toolbar of Chrome itself
  • Speed Tracer : The way the web page is doing has an effect on the way it is ranked in a search Engine. Using this tool will enable you to view the time your site takes to load and will help you identify the problems behind the slowdown.
  • Zemanta: This is blogging platform that has been put together for those people who blog frequently. They can use this to look up or refer online content. This dashboard also works with TypePad, Blogger and WordPress
  • AdSense Publisher Toolbar: This plug-in offers you fast-and-simple data about the performance of your site.

Chrome Extensions For Music Lovers

chrome music-2

  • Anesidora: If you are fond of Pandora, but do not want to leave it open in another tab while using it? Then Anesidora provides the answer for this by connecting Internet radio directly to Chrome.
  • Radio Player Live: In case you are already tired of Pandora, then this extension is the one for you. This offers you the multiple channel choices for online radio. You may have to add more plug ins by downloading them to use this, but still it is worth the effort
  • Clea.nr Videos : This a unstyling extension that is targetted for Amazon and YouTube videos. It removes to a large extent most things from the page and with the exception of the video
  • Auto HD for Youtube: You can understand what this is by the very name of it. Using this extension you can enjoy high definitions resolution on YouTube without fiddling around
  • Zazoo: Would you like to see the lyrics and words of the music as you are watching it on a music video? This extension enables that.

Chrome Extensions For Security

chrome security-3

  • Click&Clean: Using this particular extension, you may be able to clean out your hard disk, even scan and find malware and remove files that are temporary and many such things.
  • Personal Blocklist: It has been felt that this extension should be there in the default settings itself. This enhances the capabilities of keeping out those fishy sites at all times. These will not even come up in your results when you are searching
  • Ghostery: This extension will remove the veil that covers things like cookies that are put in for tracking, page elements that are concealed and many other different factors, on the web
  • LastPass: This one will simply save and encrypt the password on to the LastPass web server. You can access any site with no more than a simple and single click of the mouse
  • Web of Trust: This extension will given ratings to sites. This could be based on how the experience has been for other users. This way you can sidestep entering such sites and make sure that nothing contaminated or malicious enters your systems.

Chrome Extensions For Social Media Enthusiasts

chrome social-4

  • Buffer for Chrome: This extensions supports you by arranging the tweets you have made in an order utilities transmitting them as time passes. This way you can tweet away with the confidence that these will be transmitted spread over the entire day.
  • Facebook for Chrome: This informal extension gets in and makes available features from Facebook features on the Chrome interface. This extension is essential for people who are constantly checking statuses and news feeds or even chats
  • Silverird: Once you have put in Silverbird, then you can easily make use of Twitter functions with a click on the button in Chrome interface itself.
  • TweetDeck: This one is another option for Interface of Twitter. It functions in a full screen and keeps arranging the interface so that you can view numerous things at the same time
  • G+me for Google+: If you feel a little overpowered by viewing the numerous updates then use this extension to make things simple by having the comments collapse. This extension also additionally will have features to keep you updated.