25 Awesome Mac Tools and Utlities

Macs can be really great simply taken out of the box and used. We are sure that you are eager to start working on it. After all a Mac is one of the best that you can have for your entire computer needs. But as you know with Macs, there is always more and this means you have the choice of adding on more with a few choice downloads. These will make your Mac experience even better:

Awesome Mac Tools and Utlities

Here are twenty of them for you to look through and get an idea about:


This one manages the storing and retrieving of online passwords.

2. SyncMate Expert

This helps keep all your gizmos and computers synchronized with each other.

3. The Unarchiver

This one works with most types of files that have been compressedz.

4. Little Snitch

Can help you administer and control connectivity for all your apps.

5. Caffeine

This one prevents your computer from going to sleep automatically by pulling up the screensaver.

6. AppCleaner

This one absolutely removes system files and preference files during the process of removing applications.

7. OnyX

This one lets you fine tune and refine the unseen strictures of the OSX.

8. Burn

This is one is a free and improved solution to Mac OS X’s built in DVD feature for recording.

9.Carbon Copy Cloner

This one can simply make and establish backup bootable images in case of any crashes for your hard drive.

10.Keyboard Cleaner

This one is a compact and useful app that can for the time being deactivate the mouse and keyboard while you clean them.

11. Better Touch Tool

This one can add gestures that can be configured on to your Magic TrackPad and Magic Mouse.

12. Secrets

Like the name suggests this one is a database that contains all the concealed settings for OS X.

13. Lab Tick

This one lets you manipulate the amount of brightness on backlit keyboard of  Macbook Pro.

14. Hazel

You can make rules and regulations for your folders so that they are automatically organized and even tasks can be run automatically.

15. Monolingual

This one eliminates and does away with languages that are redundant from apps so that space can be conserved.

16. Drop Copy

This is the simplest method of transmitting files over on your Internet network.

17. RPN Scientific

This one provides a very easy to operate scientific calculator on your computer.

18. AppFress

This one simply keeps all your apps updated on your computer.

19. iXPaste

This one takes the duplicate and paste to entirely a new level.

20. Geektool

This one allows you to showcase many types of information on your computer desktop in a visually pleasing way.

21. Growl:

This one provides you with ideal warnings for any events that may occur on your system.

22. iPartition:

Simply make and organizes partitions on your computer.

23. CleanMyMac

This one keeps you computer working in perfect shape with a demo version that cleans out 500 MB.

24. Daisy Disk

This one keeps tabs on the usage of your hard disk and allows you to plan by making space when needed.

25. SideKick

This one allows your Mac to automatically do certain things at varied places.

With these in your arsenal you will find that the fun you have with working on your Mac is multiplied several times over. As we said earlier that these are some of the utilities that you can add on to your Mac, once you know what these can do to make your Mac better you can look up the others.