3 Tips for Mobile Business Growth

As technology continues developing and evolving, mobile options are becoming more and more prevalent. Technology’s exponential growth, explained by Moore’s Law, which states that the overall processing power of new computers will double every two years. This important principle has widespread implications for investors, businessmen, and everyday people looking to stay afloat, and potentially grow, in a rapidly changing world. Futurist thinkers and theoristsuse Moore’s Law as the basis for a new view of the future, based on a singularity event. And while these heady theories may be the stuff of science fiction, it’s impossible to deny the day-to-day changes now rocking the first world.

Clipboard01One of the biggest and most readily apparent changes felt by the everyday consumer over the past ten years has been the transition to mobile interfaces. This transition is fueled by the complete implementation of Web 2.0, which is the completely user-friendly and visual approach to the internet that everyone now finds so familiar. The internet has allowed businesses to streamline operations, saving valuable time and energy by connecting people from all over the world. Video Teleconferencing, or VTC, technologies allow sales teams and other organizations to collaborate despite being on different continents, a huge savings both for the finance department and the atmosphere, once you factor in all thetravel miles. And, as people become accustomed to the new, faster pace of life, some old symbols have started falling by the wayside. Specifically, the tradition of cash payments. For a few short decades, it was customary for members of the middle class to always carry cash around, in case some special item caught their eye. However, plastic is today’s currency. To accommodate this shift, small business owners and mobile storefronts have had to change some things in order to meet the customer halfway.

Focus on Accessibility

Today’s average consumer is used to a world that is visually enticing, easy to navigate, and is above all, one that conforms to the needs of customers, no matter where they are. Too often, mobile business owners find themselves falling behind simply because they do not have the capability to lay everything out for the customer on the spot. However, that’s changing with the release of mobile Point of Sale, or POS, technologies. These advanced products bring the tools of the checkout counter to the hands of any mobile business owner. Usually, the hardware is already in their hands, as smartphones and tablets have become the preferred option. Simple and small card readers, as offered by Shopify, are attached to the headphone jack and connect to the Cloud for encrypted storage. Business owners from all over the nation are flocking to mobile POS in droves, reports Payments Source.

Develop a Concerted PR Campaign

This generation lives on social media, which means that a huge amount of content is available for viewing and interacting every day. The most effective marketing is that which isn’t noticed, so a great PR plan will become part of the customer base’s everyday experience. In other words, the best way to get the news out about your mobile business is by letting others do the work for you. One way to help them along is to keep your message simple, says Mobilebiz. Attention spans today are shorter than ever, so long, wordy advertisements and press releases are often overlooked. If you can find a way to effectively communicate your goal, or the variety of services you offer, then you’ll drastically increase your chances of being shared on a major social network.

Change With the Times

Change is a constant theme, not only in business, but in all aspects of life. When operating a mobile business, you’re more likely to be affected by change, as you have a more direct relationship with the customer. If trends change, customer’s needs, desires, and capabilities change as well. If you aim to continue to build a strong bond with your client base, meeting them halfway, you’ll have to develop a keen sense of direction among the shifting seas of culture and technology. The balance of staying true to your company’s vision while making small adjustments to retain accessibility is a delicate one.

One important point to remember is that change continues even when your business is doing well. If you want to retain your hard-fought position, or improve your already successful business, you can’t wait for the sting of competition to catalyze research and growth. The best companies are able to improve on their own, without using any outside sources,says Cobizmag. Thus, even though it may not seem immediately concerning, it’s important to realize that even the largest companies can fall because they got too comfortable. Always push the envelope and you won’t follow in their footsteps. Organic change, change from within, is the sort that builds lasting growth and success in the new landscape.