30 Best Android Applications to Try This Year


This list of top applications was compiled to tell you that though iPhone applications are excellent, you can try these and do a comparison. Here is a list of some of the best applications on Android:

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

This one is a fully equipped scientific calculator that will provide you most of the things that you need right from this application.

Formulas Lite

This is an essential application for students and will be able to bring up formulas that you require on chemistry, physics and maths.

Calculus tools

We all know how important Calculus is and how it affects many areas of our life, this application will help you in this regard along with a custom keyboard and integral tables

Memory Trainer

This one will guard all your memories by helping you sharpen it. This application can be used to train your brain to retain more information

ColorDict Universal Dictionary

A pocket version of dictionary that will help you with antonyms, synonyms and some translation from other languages with fast searching options.

Perfect Chemistry Lite

This is a great application for those in this line of work. It is both a game as well as an application for reference

World FactBook

This applications provides trivia, news and bits of information of current events as well as the salient facts of the past

Photoshop.Com Mobile

Using this application you can modify and share pictures anywhere in the virtual world


This application will let you add extra light flairs to pictures for amazing results


A complete application that can be used to add effects, frames, high resolution, clip art, brushes, rotation and other modes


This is great applications for modifying pictures on the mobiles

PRO Paint Camera

This camera application will enable you to take quality pictures and the addon features make it even better

Love Photo Frames

You can use this application to add cute and nice photo frames of your choice to the picture and save it

Camera 360

Go pro with this application that lets you add filters like HDR, LOMO, ghost, draft, axis shift etc.


This is a really effective award winning editor for pictures that let you tweak the color, add dialogue balloons, graphics, titles and other effects.

Camera Fun Pro

: This application will let you use live Photoshop lens to the Android camera

Camera Zoom FX

You can use this application to get more than 40 effects to your pictures

Fast Camera

It is the speediest camera that lets you click away at great speed

FX Camera

Again lets you make photos with effects including Polandroid,ToyCam, , SymmetriCam, Fisheye Normal, Warhol etc.

Multi Camera

Enables you to take many shots of a single image with your camera

OnSite Photo

You can take pictures using this and upload them at once to a particular project inside Constructiononline

Photo Album Organizer

As the name suggests will make preparing albums of photos much easier and makes for great viewing

Photo Mail

You can modify and transmit pictures speedily or copy photos and mail them using this application

Pic Bubbler

This is an easy and great method of making your photos look jazzier.

Retro Camera

This one comes with 5 cameras for you to create old fashioned pictures

Photo Scrapbook

Make a scrapbook of pictures you love for you screen

Photo Effects

Convert seemingly ordinary pictures into something unusual by adding instant effects

Magic Color Picker

This applications will let you look through many shades and hues on the wheel and pick the ones you like and the colors will be provided in various formats


This one will allow you to access your web server using your mobile device to view, download, create and modify files and folders

Camera Illusion

This is application for camera that will let you preview photos with effects and filters in real time.