3D-Printed Robotic Spider Dress keeps strangers at bay

Robotic Spider Dress

This terrifying new design takes wearable tech to a whole new level, one that basically makes Iron Man’s famous suit a reality. Netherlands-based fashion-tech designer Anouk Wipprecht is seamlessly blending fashion with technology to keep strangers out of your personal space bubble.

Among her creations is the recent Spider Dress 2.0 which is actually an update of her design ‘Sinister robotic spider dress’ released back in January 2013. The outfit was terrific with robotic epaulets that resembled spider legs. The dress responds to external stimuli by coyly dancing around the wearer’s body while at the same time defending her if a stranger approaches too fast or comes too close. The post on Fashioning tech describes the outfit as “The creepy Robotic dress deals with themes of ‘personal space’ and raises questions concerning control and privacy.”

Now, the Spider Dress 2.0 gets better than ever. It has been created utilizing 3D printing, which resembles a species of alien skeleton, rather than hardware mounted on shoulders. The fearsome outfit is equipped with Intel’s Edison computer chip that uses biosignals and learned threat detection to drive strangers away. Needles to say, the crazy epaulets that extend from the shoulders resemble more of alien epaulettes.

The mechanized legs are linked to a proximity sensor and a respiration sensor. When they detect the wearer breathing heavily coupled with a nearing experience, the arms will act in a more aggressive posture while calmer circumstances will allow the arms to act in a friendlier manner.

The Spider dress also features black shells embedded with LEDs resembling spider eyes that flash warning signals or glow steadily in welcome based on how a wearer feels like their personal space is being threatened.

The Spider Dress 2.0 will be shown at CES 2015, so if you’re planning to visit there, check out this creepy, skeletal dress.

Via: CNet