4 Best in all Antivirus Protection Programs For Gamers: 2013 Edition

All the people who are online (which is most of us) realize the importance of having protection against viruses and the importance of firewalls. We spend a lot of time online doing stuff related to work or even to do with personal finances and the importance of protection while this happens is always there in the back of our mind. But when we are playing games we rarely think about this. What is more any kind of protection can interfere with the flow of the game.

Best in all Antivirus Protection Programs

We often feel hindered or burdened by these interruptions and it is always tempting to simply disable the protection so that you can play freely. That can be very dangerous and harmful. What you need is something that is made to order especially for gamers. A software that can protect you from those harmful viruses without slowing down the game’s performance.

Thankfully help is available for such situations and solutions are right on hand. All you need to do is go through the list given below to pick the one that you can work with. Your games as well as the protection of your computer will be ensured. Each of the scanners mentioned below have been tested and have turned out to be pretty good in test performed by AV-Test org on 2Q10 Windows 7.

 Symantec Norton Internet Security 2010/2011

Those who play games will love these sensor that will allow full screen mode along with gaming. That is suppression of unimportant alerts whilst offering complete and absolute protection in the background. This one has scored a high score in the tests conducted. Along with high protection rate scores for detecting and removing new malware this one also scores high in totalistic protection and also the knack for detecting and removing any malware that is already in the system.


Eset Smart Security

This one claims to offer custom set controls for gamers to tweak things like eliminating popup warnings, file scanning and also postponing updates when the game is not on. With high score for totalistic ease of use and high performance Eset Smart Security has a lesser system footprint. This is quite important for a great gaming session and experience.


ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2010/2011

This one offers an easy right click option on the system tray icon that will put the ZoneAlarm on to auto pilot mode. This means it will quietly make the right decision and you can enjoy the game without being bothered. The small pay off in terms of performance goes a long way towards protection. Apart from the standard plethora of Firewall, spyware and antivirus protection, ZoneAlarm also uses the Kaspersky Antivirus Engine to get a good score and deliver great performance.


AVG Internet Security

This one has a firewall gaming mode that works to reduce disturbances during the online game session. It has protected a huge average of about 90% on new malware that comes via mail and the net. Though AVG has shown huge and good knack for protection in web and mail category it is less effective in removing malware that already exists in the system. But on the whole AVG makes for good protection and able performance.


This list may not contain all the gaming antivirus packages that you are looking for. But you would be pleased to know that it is possible to have smooth and good gaming without having to compromise on your security needs. You as a user may have some more antivirus gaming friendly packages that you may have come across. If that is the case, do share the information with us.