40 Useful Safari Extensions

Plugins and extensions are known to enhance the way the browser functions and some even act as a default. Being aware of this, an effort has been made to put together some extensions for Safari that will not only enhance your experience on the browser but also offer you a way to interact with different programs that are from outside.

For Social media:


Twitter for Safari: This extension is the first in the form of Twitter integration with the browser. If you would rather refrain from going to Twitter and you do not have an application already put in then this extension is the way to for all needs connected to Tweeting
Better Facebook: This will make your experience with Facebook better by tailoring the feeds that you get using filters and many types of alerts. It will also tell you have been “unfriended” which is something that many people would want to know.
Facebook Photo Zoom: This extension is for those folks who want to see every image in full size but do not want to wrestle with lightbox from Facebook. You can use this extension to hover over the picture and it will zoom to full size.
GMail Counter: This extension works like a physical counter by telling you when you get a mail.
Facebook Cleaner: This extension will make your stay and experience on Facebook neat and clean. It will remove all pokes, ads and the section for Get connected so that you can enjoy Facebook without unnecessary distractions.
SocialPlus!: This once again strives to improve your FB experience. Things like addition of filters, emotions, zooms and the capability to skin and change the appearance of FB as per your preference are available.
Reddit Comments: This plugin will enable you to view the comments on the page that you are looking at now from Reddit and you can also make comments submission using this
GooglePlus: IF you relish Google+ as compared to other networks then this plugin is the way for you to go by telling you about the Google+ notifications that you have not read yet.

For enhancing browser


AdBlock: If you hate the silly advertisements that pop up when you go to a website, then this plug in will help block most of the ads.
Exposer: If you want the wherewithal to see the content of open tabs in the form of a preview then this extension is the one you want. This way you can easily go to the tab that you want.
Zoomintosafari: This one is a editor that will allow you to zoom images, edit them, create new ones, save the ones you have created and also let you share them online
Awesome Screenshot: This is a great tool for those into development of sites but still most of us will find some use for this when you want to quickly take a shot of the screen to modify and share with your colleagues.
clea.nr :Videos for YouTube: Just as the name indicates, this plug in will clean the Youtube video so that you can see it without distractions that normally drive you crazy
ClickToFlash: If you are having troubel with Flash then this plug in will work to hide and provide you with a white colored filler that you can click to view the Flash if required
Turn Off the Lights: This one is a really simple one that will dim the lights on your browser for full enjoyment presently the video that you are watching
Duplicate Tab Button: This plug-in will let you duplicate the currently progressive tab into a new window or tab.
WOT: WOT is an absorbing plug-in that will aid you in finding out what you’re getting into. WOT will inform you of site that you can trust and those you cannot based on others’ experiences.
Ultimate Status Bar: Ultimate Status Bar is a really good extension that will reviews what a few links may be concealing. It will also expand URLs that have be shortened to provide you clues on what you are clicking.

SafariRestore: This extension help remove problems that will ensure that your lost browsing session is restored when things go off course.
Add to Amazon Wish List: This extension is for buying and that too people who love Amazon. By adding your needs on to the wish list this extension will keep it going
Translate: This is very useful when you go to sites that use languages other than English and is able to give good results using Google Translate
Right Exit: This extension will alleviate the disturbance that people hate of closing the current tab and not getting the next tab on the right
Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on: This extension will give you alternative about how your information needs to put together by Google Analytics.
Instapaper Greystyled: This extension will make Instapaper, clearer and easier to read



My eBay Manager: Is great for people who love Ebay. You make use of this extension to manage activities on the Ebay site as you browse through the net by keeping you signed in, in a secure manner
MLB.com Toolbar: IF you follow Baseball then this is the way you keep yourself updated completely
G-Bookmarks: Makes it handy to sort bookmarks
Instapaper Beyond: Let you move around Instapaper folders and items right on your browser as well as edit
Pinbar: Seize control of your Pinboard account to read and catch up



Yslow:  This extension will help you analyze pages on the site to enhance their performance
Coda Notes(Not Available) :Will let you make notes, highlight, place sticky notes and erase stuff
MeasureIt: You can use this to measure stuff as the name suggests
Validator: Before launching the site check on the validity of the code and correct errors at this stage
BuiltWith: This will handily list out all the technology used on the site for you to learn more
BetterSource: It will display the source of document with colored syntax highlights and line numbers
Firebug Lite for Safari:  This one is a light version of Firebug



Warcraft Reference:  IF you are a fan of this game then you will love this resource
WebRadio:  Is great for streaming in radio stations of your choice
Glass: You can use this to put a virtual sheet of glass on the net
MTG Card: Brings Magic: The Gathering  on to Safari.