5 Amazing and Useful Search Engines You Would Love to Know

Have you remember that feeling when you have used a search engine for first time? It was simply great for me, it was like using a new toy and understanding all it’s functions and getting surprised on it’s reactions. Anyway, those days has gone. Search engine’s don’t surprise us anymore. Because they don’t have anything new for us, we understands most of the functions and quite familiar to the results.

But instead of all that, Web galaxy has no limits. I don’t know if there is any program to measure or scale the limits of internet. It still hides surprises, we just have to find it. Here are Five Completely Different and probably unknown Search Engines to find Weird Things, And Yes! they are absolutely very useful also. Jump into the gallery and experience the feeling of using a search engine for the first time again. It was a brilliant experience for me, how you enjoyed it?

The Lesson Finder

This is a very basic but quite useful searching tool to find tutorials and lessons. You can search for subjects like Algebra, but again, it’s only recommend basic lessons. Do you use any better alternative? Suggest us! [Our Knowledge database has too much of free space]

Useful Search Engines


If you are working on a audio or video company or preparing for any music concert or youth function. This can really really help you a lot. It allows you to find various types of sounds and tracks in different formats.

Useful Search Engines

Dead Cell Zones

It’s not a hidden tool, Many of you may have used it so let us know something more about the tool if you want. By the way the tools does exactly what the name says.

Useful Search Engines


If you are reading this article and on the Forth point of the post then BOOKMARK this tool. Just do it. Because, this is something everyone of us should have. This government provided tool gives you information for any unknown Pill. If you are in a situation when you don’t know what the Pill does or you should buy it or not then use this tool to investigate about it.

Useful Search Engines


All the music searches are dominated by Youtube now. So, this probably not what you can use but still, it’s a great tool. You can use this site to hunt down mp3s and other music files around the web to download for free.

Useful Search Engines