5 Best Key-loggers Apps For Windows

Generally, Key-logger applications are used to get the records of key strokes secretly. Undoubtedly, such kind of application remain running is hidden mode in the background. Basically, it’s very difficult to trace these applications. Parents use these applications to look upon the computer activities of their children and it’s very useful for professional persons to check what their employers are doing in computer.

In order to provide the best quality thing, we’ve provide the list of 5 Best Key-loggers Apps For Windows. This application helps you to check each and every key stroke made on the keyboard.

Actual Key-logger

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Actual Key-logger application work sin complete hidden mode without revealing any knowledge of running. With this application, you’ll the proper information of the strokes of the keys. The output files of this application are in the form of plain text and HTML file as well. The is no need of any special knowledge to use this application because of its simple and user friendly interface. This application is fully compatible with the Windows operating system. Most importantly, this application is totally free to download and install. As per records, it’s rated as outstanding (five stars) by the users.

REFOG Free key-logger

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REFOG Free key-logger is the amazing key-logger application equipped with the feature of working in background and recording all the key strokes. The amazing application allows you to know about each and every key-strokes the user has made just after the computer turns on. Whether user has entered any username, password, emails or filled any bank information, you’ll get to know about everything with this app. It’s very easy to use almost every feature of this application even for a novice user. And this application is strictly for Windows users.

Home Key-logger

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As its name suggests, Home Key-logger is the outstanding key-logger application especially for personal use. But it’s fully capable to record the complete data about the pressed keys on the keyboard. And this application works flawless in the background without revealing its presence. This application is very small in size and hence works in very fast speed. And Home Key-logger provides very amazing graphical user interface and make it easy to use.

Revealer Key-logger

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If you want a fully featured key-logger application, Revealer key-logger is the best application for you. Because this application not only provides the all detail regarding the struck keys on the keyboard but also allows you to get to know about other used programs, opened WebPages with respect to the appropriate data and time of the action. And it remains totally hidden while working. According to the records, this application is appreciated by the users. This application is fully compatible with, Window XP, Window 7 and Window Vista.


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Undoubtedly, you can easily make a guess by the name of this program that it’s specially for tracking kid’s activity. Those parents who want to keep their eye on the computer activities on their children should use this application. The application clearly records all the activities of kids on the computer such as visited websites, used chat rooms, chat details and much more. Every recorded item get saved in a logfile and parents and check that logfile whenever they want to. Basically, this application is very easy to use but some of its functions are little bit complex. And you can use this amazing application in Window 2008, Window XP, Window Vista and Window 7.