5 Common Errors While Loading Websites and Their Meaning

While using internet, we generally face a plenty of errors and the browser shows various error pages. But it becomes very difficult for us to find out why the browser is showing this error. Different errors have different reasons of showing.

This article is especially dedicated to those to want to know the appropriate meanings of those errors. In this article we’re explaining the 5 Common Errors While Loading Websites and Their Meaning. And the list contains all those errors which you generally see while browsing. Undoubtedly, this article helps you to explore more about web errors.

Certificate Error

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Generally, the Certificate error indicates any kind of problem in HTTPS encryption. Whenever you use HTTPS encryption, website is obligate to show certificate to proof that they are lawful. As Google has its certificate issued by trusted certificate authority, Google have to show its certificate while using HTTPS. After checking the certificate, if your web browser find the certificate legitimate then only it allows the website to proceed.

While opening any website if you’re facing this error, then it indicated that you’re not proceeding towards the genuine website. Sometime it’s just because of not renewal of the certificate of the website at proper time. And hence, you should not proceed further if the browser is showing this error.

Phishing and Malware Warnings

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Generally, you’ve seen various kinds of Web Forgery or Malware warnings. Whether you’re using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, the web browser automatically downloads the list of unsafe web pages on daily basis. And whenever you try to visit any website of that list, your web browser will show the error page. The websites on that list usually contains malwares or known for stealing your sensitive information like your bank account details, personal details and much more.

Sometimes, a number of websites get counted in the list temporarily and get removed after the repair of the bugs. On the whole, don’t continue when you see this kind of warning message.

404 Not Found

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While browsing, you’ve seen a plenty of web server error message. But we all know that “404 Not Found” is considered as the most common one. Basically, these kinds of messages are sent by remote web server to your web browser. Generally, your web browser show this message indicates that the website you’re trying to visit is permanently removed or temporarily not accessible. Sometimes, we type wrong URL while typing and then, the browser shows the same message. So when you see this message, just check out the URL once whether you’ve typed it correctly or not.

Server Not Found

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Like “404 Not Found”, “Server not found” is also a web server message. The browser shows this type of error because of lots of reasons. If you mistype the name of the website or the complete URL or the network setting of your computer is not proper configured then the browser this message.

Sometimes various kinds of firewall and proxy setting of the computer doesn’t allow the web browser to access the network connection, then the browser also shows this message. Simply, when there is any obstruction for the browser to access the server, the browser will show “Server Not Found” message.

Unable to Connect

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The error message “Unable to connect” is somewhere similar to the error “Server Not Found. But there is little bit difference in that. If the network setting of your computer are properly configured, but the browser is unable to connect to a website. It’s because that your web browser is not getting proper response from the server of the website. The message indicates that the website you’re trying to open is having too much traffic, any server problem or temporarily down. If you see this message, then you should try to open that website after some time.