5 Firefox Extensions For Web Developers

If you are a web developer you would probably know that no matter what code you have written somehow it never is quite perfect. Usually it needs some correction or at least a bit of tweaking. There are some tools that will help you fix simple flaws that you encounter in embedding Javascripts or while setting right the loading time required for the site and they can be easily found on Firefox in the form of addons.
Extensions of Firefox that Web Developers can useHere are the top 5:

Firebug: As per the site, Firebug will join with Firefox to provide you with tools for web development as you are browsing. You use this to debug, edit and keep tabs on HTML, CSS and JavaScript on any page. You can examine the HTML elements, change CSS among may other things


Web Developer Toolbar: This one is a collection of all the necessary and useful actions that we are required to carry out to test the skillfulness and state of the web application that is being developed.

web developer

Measureit: Frequently while the development of a web application is going on it becomes essential to keep track of the dimensions of DIV or for that matter other HTML elements in case you are designing the page as per the requirement for the purpose of eliminating any glitches as they happen.


Colorzilla: This one can be useful for the developer to pick the color he wants from any part of the browser and swiftly adjust this color and paste it on a different program like GIMP or Photoshop and can be used to design visuals for the website. You can also make use of the feature for zooming a page on the page and measuring the distance that two points have between them.


IE-tab Plus: This one is a great aid when you are in the process of designing a web application, It helps developers take care of the minutest aspect on the application.

IE-tab Plus