5 iTunes Alternatives


5 iTunes Alternatives

On Mac iTunes is probably one of the most popular applications. It is already installed, lets you play music, the quality is good and there is the iTunes store where folks to get new tunes. It gives us the means to manage our iPads, iPods and iPhones to listen music and view movies among other things.

But it always makes sense to know of a few alternatives to ensure that you have something to play music while iTunes is busy synchronizing your library or some other task.


doubleTwist :

This is a well-known music player application for Android Users. The major reason of it’s popularity is its easy-cum.amazing user interface which allows the users to use all the features easily. And it’s sound quality is too good.



Vinyls :

This takes a different approach and offers album cover browsing and offers a retro feel to the music. Though it is limited by the artwork size on the vinyl itself. Apart from this it also provides a feature that is called Autofill. It simply and quickly adds music with no particular order to your playlist once it empties.




This application takes on a new approach to iTunes. It has numerous advanced features but shows them off is easy way. The interface is neat and minimal with smaller buttons adding to the charm. The albums are arranged in chronological order by default in Sonora. There is sharing option that social networking fans will love.




This one offers more features than iTune in spite of being a minimal application. It is really small and lets you pick tracks from your library utilizing the browser that is built in.




This is an original application that is minimal. Meaning listen in French the best feature is the way the artwork is displayed on the dock using the icon. The best part is it is really easy to use especially if you are tired of moving through numerous panes like you have to in iTunes.