5 Simple Tricks that help you to recognize Affiliate Marketing Scams

Affiliate marketing has become popular these days because most of us are not satisfied with our earnings and are always looking for alternative methods of earning which require little investment and that offers the freedom to work without any time limitations. In addition to this, affiliate marketing can get handsome rewards for anyone with good talent instead of back breaking labor.

Tips to Spot Affiliate Marketing ScamsBefore getting started with affiliate marketing, you should not forget that online marketing scam is a reality. Here are few tips that will help you recognize affiliate marketing scam and frauds.

  1. Cost versus free

Genuine affiliate programs are free to join and the only way that you earn by affiliate marketing is when you sell a product/service. If you come across an affiliate marketing program that charges membership fee for setting up or that offer to sell you a website with which to market, that should ring a warning bell for you. Consider joining an affiliate training program offered by a genuine company such as MysiteSell.com.

  1. Becoming Rich overnight is a Guaranteed Affiliate Marketing Scam

If anyone promises you getting rich overnight by using their super duper affiliate marketing tricks, you should become alert. Those who’ve made lots of money over a short period of time with no efforts are keeping the tricks to themselves. These guys make their money selling you with empty promises, not with the tricks they are using.  A legitimate affiliate marketer training program is the one that teaches you Business.

  1. Affiliate Support

A reliable affiliate network will have a support forum to help its affiliates. Infact, if you see the company having an Affiliate Representative to attend affiliate’s requests, it means they are always there for you. If they have a Live Chat or a dedicated telephone line, it’s an added advantage for you to sign up for them. You can discuss with the support forum regarding any issues that may arise while marketing their products.

  1. Ask for Testimonials

After trying out the 3 tips listed above, look for the company’s testimonials. Genuine affiliate programs put them up on their websites without having to ask for them. You still need to verify them because scam sites get them written from writers and post them.

Request the names, email addresses and contact numbers of people who were in business with them. Discuss with them and learn how the program worked for them.  It is even better, if you contact them in person.

  1. Avoiding the hype

One of the best tricks to avoid getting into these scams is to educate yourself and look for warning signs. Before getting started with affiliate marketing, you need to learn the basics of it. Later, you can think in terms of those principles and you can’t be fooled.