5 Twitter Tools To Remove Inactive Users


When you are on Twitter the overall goal is to ensure a clean timeline and this means getting rid of all those people who are not following you. This is vital because if you follow someone and they are not active, then you don’t get much information from them and they simply add to the count of Twitter users that we follow.
Here are 5 tools that will help you “unfollow” those inactive users on Twitter:

UnTweeps: This one easy to use and makes for simple working. You can simply unfollow by clicking on the checkbox.


Twitcleaner: This one offers you more than mere cleaning. You can use this to categorize that you need to unfollow into sub sections like Absent, Flooding, Non-responsive and Dodgy


Managefittter: This one will help you find, administer and then unfollow those Twitter users who are not active. With this one you can gain information regarding the Twitter user like the last time he/she tweeted, other pertinent information for you to make the right decision. Another thing is it is a tool that is speedy and simple to use.


Unfollowapp:  The first thing you should know is that this tool does not work on protected accounts. That apart this tool is very useful in managing the removal of inactive users from your Twitter account.


Tweetils: This one will provide you a report regarding inactive users on Twitter. Even if you are not planning on unfollowing this information can be really useful. In any case to unfollow you simply have to click on the relevant button.


Twitter will work more efficiently for you if you have things organized properly. Using these tools will enable you to keep track and remove the users who are inactive. Thus your Following versus Follower ratio will have a correct balance.