5 Ways Americans Are Bullied by the Government [Infographic]

Bullies aren’t just for the schoolyard anymore; they’ve moved up in ranks to a point of even infiltrating the government. That leaves us with the simple fact that American’s are being bullied by the government.

From breaches in privacy from Homeland Security, to armed drones, to pasteurization, has the government gone too far with its “hallway heckling” and do we need to find a teacher?

Propaganda about the dangers of marijuana have reached new heights to a point where even middle school children know they’re not true. On a more sinister note, the armed drone controversy of “imminent threat” has some American’s worried about just how “imminent” imminent is.

Take a look at the infographic below and see for yourself how the government is bullying you.

Source: Government Bullies: 5 Ways Americans are Bullied by the Government