50 Best Android Applications to try this Year – I

Once you have an Android device you will feel ready to face the world. But the fact is there are many applications that you can use and you need to find that one that works for you. With the amount of apps that are around it may be a huge task.

But here is a list that you may find very useful:

AppGarden Lite: This may seem like an old fashioned interface but is in fact easy to use and is a great container of many usable utilities.  You can simply mark the ones that you use the most for easy access.

avast! Mobile Security: This one comes with a host of features for security that work remotely and is easy to use. The only thing it lacks is a feature for backup so you need to ensure that you synchronize it with your computer

aDownloader: It is simple to use and is not prone to crashing and has the unique ability to pause downloads that can be resumed later

Auto Memory Manager: When a computer requires a boost for performance the way to go is for a upgrade or at least manage the memory. This application will provide you information and details on the memory to allow you prioritize your applications.

Beautiful Widgets: Allows you to customize the homescreen of your phone with clock, reports on weather,  battery level and other things.

Maxthon Internet Browser: This invention is full of many configurations the allow advance gesturing, toggling between day and night mode and other things.

History Eraser Pro: You can use this application to simple remove junk from the phone and will take you through all information so that you can look through and decide

Juicedefender : This one will help you deal with your pet peeve of poor battery life by simply disabling those components that drain battery when your phone is not in use.

Nova Launcher Prime: This will replace the typical homescreen of your phone with something that offers settings that can be adjusted. It is also quick and easy

Lookout Premium for Android: This one ensures peace of mind with regard to solutions for recovery in case the phone is stolen, lost or wiped out

Speed Test: If the file you are trying to download is taking a lot of time due to slow network you can test the connectivity using this application.

OnLive: Will allow you to play PC games and current generation console games on your android phone by streaming them down from OnLive’s server

Opera Mini 7: If you are trying to go slow on the data you are looking at, then this is the browser for you.

SwiftKey Keyboard: Is a great substitute for keyboard and will prompt you on the next word before you type it.

Swype Keyboard: You need to swipe your fingers across some letters and the whole word will be formed with this application.

Tasker: This one will let you program commands in to your phone quickly

X-plore: It allows you to peep in on the file system of the Android and has other features that make it valuable.

BaconReader for Reddit: A great app for being part of Reddit

BBC: Enjoy radio programs with this app

CNN: Relish updates from CNN with this application

Flipboard: This one is a great application for social reading with reasonable translation

NewsRob: A newsreader that synchronizes both way on your Google reader account

Pulse: it will put together your chosen publications in a neat and sharp interface

Pocket : Great for viewing pictures, videos and articles on the go from the net to read later

StumbleUpon: Get new content from the web with a single tap


50 Best Android Applications to try this Year – II