50 Best Free iPhone Applications to try This Year [PART-I]

The surprising fact that many people may not know about is that there are many free applications that you can use for you iPhones, your iPods etc that will go a long way to make life easier for you. Here is a list of about 50 Best Free iPhone Applications:

Iphone application

Facebook: We cannot live without Facebook in today’s world and having the wherewithal to access this on your iPhone or iPod is something that we all long for.

PhotoSynth: This is a nifty application for panorama that is simple and very quick int usage. This application is very flexible and you can operate it with older devices too

RunKeeper: An application that lets you track your exercise patterns for free seems too good to be true, but that is what this application does. You can even share the activities you have undertaken by entering them manually.

Pulse: RSS is known to be a rather boring technology that sends you boring list of headlines. Pulse will make this a thing of the past by bringing you riveting news feeds along with visuals. May be a little limited but still great

Dropbox: There are many applications that enable transfer of content between one device and another but Dropbox makes things really simple. You can access, download for viewing when offline

National Rail Enquiries: If you travel often by train then you will find this application very useful for charting out your plans.

Skype: Keeping in touch with people becomes really simple and quick with Skype. It you have the pay and go alternative you will be particularly happy with Skype.

Movies by Flixter: Though you may find the lists on this application most for United States, still it is very handy to have. You can get details about a movie when you select by telling where it is playing etc.

TonePad: This is a great application for digital music and has a interface that is grid based and allows you to turn notes off and on. You can use it to produce great music and then save and share it too.

Thomson Reuters News Pro: This one provides a broad coverage that allows you to get information that works. You can also tweak the application to get the kind of information that you need.

Twitter: This provides a simple and slick conduit for using Twitter and is quite similar in navigation to the Twitter site.

Comics: Love reading comics? Then you will like the features in this one with zoom option and downloading options

Wikipanion: You can easily and freely access sections of articles, bookmark, read within articles and even tweet any odd tidbits that you want to.

Evernote: This is a service to store ideas and notes online in an efficient and practical manner. When required you can read through them and even make new ones

Kindle: In spite of many alternatives, this one works as it has a good collection of books to pick from.

Around Me: This one will glean where you are located and will give list of local things that you may need like gas, food, ATMs, shops etc. It is great to have when you are going to a new area.

Dictionary.com – Dictionary & Thesaurus: A vast store of meaning, definitions, antonyms and synonyms can be accessed with this quick and effective application. Also provides pronunciation of words.

Air Video Free: Can play and change video from any PC with limited access to number of items per folder

Adobe Photoshop Express: This one works for fast, simple and easy to use tools for making changes in images on your iPhone.

Pocket: This one will let you save pages from sites that you can browse through later without interruptions from ads and other things

PCalc Lite: It has a great interface and many options that make it handy to use as compared to any other calculator that you may have

iBooks: You can read and store books and supports PDF format and synchronizes with other devices too.

RL Classic: It is quite an accurate bar code scanner for checking on prices while you are out shopping

eBay: This application is quick and will save search and allow you to make listings making it quite handy.

50 Best Free Applications For Your Iphone [PART-II]