50 Free Applications For Your Iphone [PART-II]

The surprising fact that many people may not know about is that there are many free applications that you can use for you iPhones, your iPods etc that will go a long way to make life easier for you. Here is a list of about 50 applications

iphone 2
Tube Map London : This is a free application that provides you guidance on London Tube system.
Google Earth : This will simply let you view the whole world on your palm and you can go anywhere with the flick of a finger across the screen.
XE Currency : Simple no fuss application that will help you with currency conversions
Shazam : This one will remind you of magic as it will tell you what track is playing when held to a music source.
Bump : This application enables you to pick as many as 4 contacts, then ‘bump’ your device into another iOS device running Bump to move data or compare contacts.
Yell Search : You can use this application to locate things you want locally
BBC News : For instant access to stories as they happen along with the visuals
Find My iPhone : This application will help locate your device in a matter of seconds
Dragon Dictation : Use the technology of speech recognition with this application instead of struggling to type with a tiny keypad. You can even add punctuations by speaking them out
iHandy Torch Free : This is a torch with a rather silly spiral effect but can come in handy when you decide to venture in the dark and do not want to switch on lights
TVGuide.co.uk TV Guide : This is an application that has reminders, calendar, Twitter and facebook integration apart from the listings of TV programs
Zoopla Property Search : With lots of listings and interesting market data, this is an application that really works if you are looking for property information.
IM+ : You can use this messaging instantly and provides you access to Yahoo, MSN live messenger, G talk etc
Atomic Web Browser Lite : The lighter version enables easy and simple searches when you need to access a single session
Virtuoso Piano Free 3 : This may not make you an expert but you can use it to play a very tiny piano where you can tweak the keys to make it what you want.
TuneIn Radio : Instead of a DAB radio just install this application and you can listen to music by plugging in your device to a set of speakers.
4oD Catch Up  : Actually very similar to ‘4oD Catch Up it is free of cost and has no limits
Jamie’s Recipes : It has some free recipes along with a few videos thrown in and also comes with a useful shopping list facility
 Instagram : Click a picture, push a filter into it and then upload it to share with people what you want to share.
Google Translate : This application is very handy in translating text of up to 64 languages. You can even voice out the text you want translated
iMotion HD : This application allows you to make detailed animations using your device
 TED : This application offers access to speeches by the smartest people and instantly increasing the potential of your brain to think more.
Remote : This is an application that lets you control your mad impulses while entering things into search fields.
 Skyscanner : You put in the details of an airport and get the most economic way from one point to another.
Apple Store : This one will let you locate the nearest Apple store.

50 Best Free iPhone Applications to try This Year [PART-I]