6 Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers

As networking is getting popular, everyone is trying to enter their business in the online world. Presently, we can easily find anything on internet and it’s one of the best way to transform a small scale business into a big one. And as we defined in earlier articles, WordPress is considers as the best platform to start your own website, the only thing you’ve to do is searching the best and appropriate plugin according to your requirements.

If you’re a photographer and you want to start your own website, then you don’t have to think so much. Our this article is truly for those photographers who want to enter their business in the online world. Because here, we’re sharing 6 Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers.

SEO Friendly Images

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As considering the work of photographer, SEO Friendly Images is such kind of plugin which helps you most to magnify your business. As you upload your clicked pictures in your website, this plugin will automatically helps your images for SEO with providing Title and AlT. And which helps your website to gain more and more traffic and hence provide you a broad platform to set-up your business on a large scale.

Booking Calender

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With a professional point of view, others attract towards your business when they see that you’re busy with your work. And Booking Calender is properly capable to give that professional touch to your website. It provides an easy-to-use booking system for your valuable clients, via that they can easily fix the dates of shoots with you. And undoubtedly, it also allows them to look whether you’re free on that date or not. No doubt, it’ll help you to flourish your business.

Editorial Calender

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If you’re operating your own website, then it’s necessary to make it updated all the time. You should post some new articles (text, images, videos etc) within a fixed interval of time. And during a busy schedule, it’s very difficult to maintain that. But Editorial Calender helps you to maintain this procedure because it allows you to schedule your articles with respect to the posting time. And you can also change the timing of posting according to your need.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

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Undoubtedly, it pains a lot when our fully flourished work flushed in gutter within a second. And same feel occurs when fully working website crashes and looses all the contained data, information, images, videos and much more. And the backup service providers charge a huge amount of money. So it’s best idea to prefer WordPress Backup to Dropbox. Because, this plugin automatically send the backup of all the data of your website to your Dropbox to keep it safe for a long lasting period.


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In this period of SmartPhones and tablets, SlideDesk is considered as the “must have” WordPress plugin for photography website. Because it provides an astounding and stunning Slideshow feature to your website. And it not only give advancement to your website outlook but it’s also very SEO friendly.

NextGEN Gallery

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If you want to have more featured and astounding Gallery WordPress Plugin than SlideDesk, then it’ll be very complex come across any better plugin than NextGEN Gallery. It helps you to present your entire collection on your website in a systematic and well-managed way. It allows you to edit gallaries, whether you want to add images, delete images, change size or description of images. You can choose whether you want to show galleries in slideshow mode or thumbnail mode. And it’s also providing lots of more interesting and useful options.