6 Significant Window Commands You Must Know About

Undoubtedly, you must know about command prompt window. With entering some useful commands in command prompt window to perform a plenty of actions. And with this you can perform actions rapidly than manual action.

No doubt, it’s impossible to cover all important and significant commands in single article. But we’ve concluded a list of 6 Significant Window Commands You Must Know About. These command provides easier ways to perform various action. Most importantly, you doesn’t require any extra knowledge of commands. Any one can use these command very easily.

ipconfig – Find Various IP Address

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In order to know the IP address of your computer, you must go to the control panel and which requires some time for sure. But with the ipconfig commend you can find IP address with-in some seconds. Along with that it also allows you to check the information about the other routers with which your computer is connected.

Only you’ve to do is to write the ipconfig in the command prompt window and instantly a complete list of all the connection (which are using by your PC) will come in front of you. Just see below the Wireless LAN adapter, if you’re connected to Wireless network and Ethernet LAN adapter, if you’re connected through a wired network

ping, tracert – Solve Network Connection Problems

Some times we face various kinds of problems in connecting to internet or any specific website. In order to solve such kind of problems, we’ve some solution that will possibly help you.

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Initially the ping command. Just type ping google.com aand suddenly the window will send packets to google.com. And if you get any response from the google’s side, you could ensure that packet get received. And if it’s not so then you can see that whether packet data is lost or taking a while to reach the google.

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And the another command is tracert. Just like earlier, type tracert google.com and you’ll be able to see the path through which your packet is going to google. And if you face any problem, you can see where the disturbance is occurring.

shutdown – Shutdown Shortcut Icon on Window 8

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If you’re using Window 8 then you better understand that it’s little time consuming thing to shutdown. But with this commend you can shutdown your computer and also create a shirtcut icon and place it to the desktop. And you’ll also use this command to restart your computer.

For Shut Down : shutdown /s /t 0
For Restart: shutdown /r /t 0
Restart in the Start-up Options: shutdown /r /o

recimg – Create Recovery Image

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In the window 8, the refresh option completely restore your computer system to the initial state same like that when you’ve bought it. And hence, somewhere it’s negative. But you can also create own recovery image. The feature is little bit complex but with recimg command, you can remove the manufacturer-installed recovery image and insert your own created recovery image.

sfc /scannow – Scan Files

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Window has its own file scanning system through which it scan the files and check out the problems. If it finds any corrupted or damaged file, it automatically repairs that with some another file. With this system, window fix most of the problems itself. In order to use this amazing tool on your window, just write sfc /scannow command on command prompt window. After getting this commend, window will start doing the scanning task.

telnet – Get Connected to Telnet Services

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Basically, telnet not remain installed by default. Firstly, you’ve to install it from the control panel and after that you can easily get connected to telnet services (without any other application), just by telnet command.