7 Best Free VPN Services to Provide Online Safeguard

With increase in the virus bugs and hackers, privacy automatically becomes the major need in the internet. Now days, every internet user aware of the privacy factor while transferring their data over the web. In order to provide a safeguard to your online data, you can install various firewalls or block the intrusive IP addresses. But the best considering method to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) to secure all online data.

Initially, you should know about VPN server. VPN server offers you to connect your computer to a virtual network to secure all your data and make it hidden from public domains. And it also doesn’t keep records regarding the browsing history. Basically, VPN servers are used for professional use, to provide the opportunity to enjoy the services from the work place only.

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Along with providing large extent of security, VPN services also allow the users to open any websites whether that is available in your region or not.

In this article we’re presenting the set of 7 Best Free VPN Services to Provide Online Safeguard. We’re not claiming that you can use all features for free. In some of them, you’ll get limited services to use in the free account. Most importantly, it allows you to get an idea about VPN Services that how VPN works, what are the major benefits of VPN and much more.


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ProXPN is especially designed for those internet users who are using Mac OS and Windows. In order to use this amazing service, you’ve to download a small application. Mainly, this application is fully compatible with iOS and other Mobile Operating systems (which supports VPN). It provides very intuitive and friendly interface which make it easy to use for every internet user.


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GPass allows the users to enjoy the amazing VPN service for free. And it also provides outstanding and rapid web proxy to your default web browser directly. Basically, this service is most popular in china just because of internet censorship.

In order to provide security, it’s just astounding and does its job perfectly. After the downloading, it recommends an integrity check. But this service is only for Window users. There is no registration requires to use this amazing VPN service.


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CyberGhost is another featured VPN service with windows users. Initially, you’ll get complete 1 GB secured traffic on monthly bases on the free account. You’ve to register your account for free usage. But in the free package, you can’t pick and select your servers. No problem, if you don’t have too much knowledge about VPN server because it provides simple interface.

AnchorFree Hotspot Shield

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AnchorFree Hotspot Shield provides the VPN service for Mac, Windows and iPhone. Most importantly, you can easily access all of its features. But it shows advertisements in those web pages which are opened with this service. But if you’re using Mozilla Firefox, the No Script option will hide those advertisements.

Its Hidden

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Its Hidden provides the security for fileshares. And it’s offering free as well as paid account (more features and less users/server). In order to use this, you don’t need any third party application and only registration is required. And it’s compatible with every operating system which supports VPN service. You should use this amazing VPN service for once.


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With the free account of of SecurityKiss, you’ll get the total 300MB of secured data transfer on daily basis. It only allows the windows users to use its features. In order to use this service, you must have SecurityKiss application. If you’re unable to access Youtube and Skype, SecurityKiss is sufficient enough to unblock them.

Best Free VPN Service

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With Best Free VPN Service, you can enjoy free VPN services. And you can use this service via any Operating System or mobile VPN application. In order to maintain justice with all users, its password changes with the interval of 12 to 24 hours. But it offers only 266Kbit/s up and 512Kbit/s down. And it’s also not compatible with P2P services.