7 Best Gmail Alternatives in 2013

After the invention of Email services, we simply get an astounding platform to send our message to anyone within some seconds. Before that it was very lengthy and obviously difficult to send our information from one place to another place. And if we talk about Email service provider, Gmail is undoubtedly the first name which strikes our mind. Unfortunately, some new features of Gmail and some other features start creating plenty of problems for its users. Most of the Gmail users don’t use the new “Compose” Mail window just because of its user interface. And most importantly, we can’t open multiple email accounts in single tab browser.

Gmail also don’t provide any feature to import various email accounts from other email service providers. While loading Gmail scans all mails of your account whether sent, receiver or saved. And which simple increases the loading time of the email account. And hence, there are lots of users who are looking for any other Email service provider which provides more features than Gmail. For those users, we’re presenting the 7 Best Gmail Alternatives in 2013.


Gmail Alternatives (1)

In order to use email service which is free from advertisement, Hushmail provides the best features. And with this email service, you’ll get inbuilt encryption feature and 25GB of free storage space. And this email service work on Android, iOS and other. And it also allows its users to choose the domain names from @hush.com, @hushmail.com, @mac.hush.com, @hushmail.me. To keep it activated, you’ve to sign-in to your account once in every 3 weeks.


Gmail Alternatives (2)

Zoho allows its users to enjoy completely safe and Ad Free email service which run wit your personal domain. And with this you can host one domain for free. But in order to host multiple domains, you have to upgrade Zoho to premium. You can easily use it in your mobile device via IMAP or POP. And it also allows its users to import mails from another email service to it.


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In the category of email service providers, Mail.com is considered as fully featured one. Most importantly, you can choose the domain name according to your choice and need. It allows you to select doaim according to your work (@Web-Designer.com), your hobby (@Plantlover.com), your passion (@Bike-riding.com) and much more. It provides a set of astounding features like 50MB of Media attachment, antivirus, unlimited email storage and much more. And it also supports Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.


Gmail Alternatives (4)

We all are familiar with Facebook. But generally, we don’t know that if were having a Facebook account then we also have @Facebook.com email account. Just like other email services, you can send email with your facebook email account. With this you can send mails, group meggages and much more. It also allows its users to send mails to other email service users (Gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc).


Gmail Alternatives (5)

If you love to use Microsoft Office, then you’ll like it. With this, you can import the mails from Outlook express and Window mails,. And this service provides the unlimited storage for emails. And you can easily import the set of contacts from your facebook account and also provides the feature of chatting and sending message. And you can look upon the current updates of your facebook friends via Outlook.com.


Gmail Alternatives (1)

Inbox.com provides the 5GB of Email storage space for its users and allows them to attach media files up to 50MB with each mail. And it also offers you to share your image collection with your friends and family. Most importantly, it scans your mails fro virus and spam after receiving. In order to get updated information about your mails, you can download Inbox.com Toolbar.


Gmail Alternatives (6)

With this service, you can get domain name in the form of @yandex.com only. And initially, you’ll the email storage space of 3GB, but you can extend it to 7GB by referring this amazing service to your friends. It provides the multi-language support.