8 Best Free File Recovery Applications

Generally, we all save our significant data (documents, media files, videos, images etc) in the hard drive of our computer or external/ portable drives. But if the entire significant data get deleted from the herd drives of your computer, then what will you do? Undoubtedly, it’ll be a matter of tension for you. But we’re providing the collection of 8 Best Free File Recovery Applications which allows you to recover all the unfortunately deleted or corrupted data. These applications can recover the data even after make the recycle bin empty. Because all the deleted data get saved in the registry of the hard drive. And these applications are equipped with the feature to read the files from the registry and recover them.

If the registry is also wiped out, then it’s impossible for the recovery applications to recover the deleted data. But it’s very rare case! Now, don’t worry about the deleted data. Just check out the provided list and download them. And you can recover all the important information.


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Recuva is considered as the best application of this category. You can download this amazing application for free. And it allows you to recover the deleted data not only from your computer but also from USB Sticks, memory cards, flash drives and ipods. It works in a systematic way. Initially, it scans the entire drive for the deleted data and shows which data can’t be recovered. And then, you can select the data which you want to recover. Within some seconds, the deleted data will recover.

Glary Undelete

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Glary Undeleted provides you the feature to undelete the accidently deleted files by following some simple steps. Basically, its graphical user interface is simple and easy to use. And its folder view allows you to sort the deleted data which you want to recover or not. This application is mainly designed for Window 7. And it also indicated whether the deleted data is in the state of recover or not.

Pandora Recovery

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Looking for an application which helps you to recover the deleted data with simple steps? Then Pandora Recovery is excellent application that will direct you towards your goal with step by step information. And it’s also proving the feature of “surface scan” for advanced scanning. Most importantly, you don’t have to pay for this amazing application.

SoftPerfect File Recovery

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SoftPerfect File Recovery offers its users to recover the corrupted or accidentally deleted data. And its intuitive user interface make this application very easy to use even for beginners. And it allows you to recover the deleted data from Hard Disk Drives, USB Drives and all kind of memory cards. And you can experience the features of this application for free.


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Is the entire important data of your computer get corrupted? And you don’t have too much knowledge about computer and you’re searching for any simple application to recover your deleted data. Restoration is the appropriate application of your use. It’s able to recover even the old deleted data within small amount of time.

Avira UnErase

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Undoubtedly, you must know about Avira which is considered as most popular Antivirus application. Now we’re introducing another astounding product of Avira which is “Avira UnErase” which instantly undelete the accidently deleted data. And it’s also compatible with Memory cards and USB Sticks.


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As its name defines, FreeUndelete offers its users to use this recovery application for free. With this application, you can recover all the deleted data. Its user interface is very amazing and make it easy to use.

ADRC Data Recovery Tools

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ADRC Data Recovery Tools is free tool to recover the deleted data from the internal hard drive and external hard drive as well.